Laura Hoke: Brady Hoke’s Wife

January 12, 2011

Meet Laura Hoke she is the stunning wife of the new Michigan coach Brady Hoke. We sure know something about him, but nada about her so who is the mysterious Mrs. Hoke? Do they have any children together? When did they get married? Where did they meet? Keep reading to find out about that and so much more plus check out the photos and video below.

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Laura Hoke’s husband, as you all know, is University of Michigan’s new head coach (he was Michigan’s defensive line coach back in 1995), before that the 52-year-old coach from Ohio was raised in a family of athletes. His father, a former football player, and his brother, Jon, is the Chicago Bears Defensive Coach. During his college years he was a linebacker at Ball State but a year after he graduated from college (1980) he became Yorktown High School’s Offensive Line Coach, followed by Grand Valley State University and Western Michigan University. In 1987 he became the University of Toledo’s Linebackers Coach then Oregon State University’s Assistant Coach and Michigan’s Defensive Line Coach in 1995. In 2003 he became his alma mater’s head coach and with San Diego in 2009. After this little briefing on Laura’s hubby let’s try to find out more about her.

Unfortunately there is so little information about Laura Hoke except or the some little facts.
* Before getting married she was known as Laura Homberger.
* She met her soon to be hubby at Ball State where she graduated in 1980.
* She is the proud mother of their only daughter Kelly Hoke who is a beautiful young lady, just like her mom.
* She has been and continues to be a great support in her hubby’s coaching career.
* After her hubby signed with San Diego it took Laura a little time to sell their house in Arizona and find one in San Diego.
* Her daughter also went to Ball State and graduated in 2007.
* Hopefully she won’t have trouble selling her San Diego home to relocate to Michigan, where she will be living for quite a few years.
* They are very dear friends to everyone who have met them in every state they have lived throughout his coaching experiences.

Share your comments and other information about Laura Hoke with us and check out the photos and video below.

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