Eva Longoria’s Wedding Tattoo Removed?

January 11, 2011

There seems to be a little bit of mystery surrounding Eva Longoria’s wedding date tattoo, which you can see in the below pictures, was it removed or is she simply covering it up? Keep reading to find out the answer to those questions as well as check out a fabulous video of Longoria.

Eva Longoria

This past weekend Eva Longoria’s wedding tattoo seemed to pull a disappearing act. According to the Daily Mail the actress showed up at the 40th birthday bash for Jeremy Renner sans the permanent reminder of her marriage to Tony. Yep Eva did a nice little wave to the photogs showing a bare wrist where the date 07/07/07 used to be, in case you live in a bubble that was the day she and Parker were married.

So the question remains was it removed or just covered up really good for her girls night out? Well Eva and her camp are keeping quiet on the topic but you can judge for yourself when you check out the picture that sparked the rumor here. I have to say if I was Longoria I would so get that thing laser removed but then again I probably wouldn’t have gotten it in the first place. This is not the first time rumors have emerged on this topic back in 2008 the same rumor circulated when the first round of Tony cheating allegations came up.

She got rid of Tony Parker and now it would seem that she is getting rid of all reminders of him as it looks like Eva Longoria’s wedding tattoo is gone. Whether it is permanent or she just has some really good cover remains to be seen. However, what is crystal clear is that Eva is disposing of all things Tony and good for her. That is of course is just my two cents, I want to know your thoughts even if you don’t care let me know.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Lia Toby/Nikki Nelson/DJDM/Judy Eddy/Adriana M. Barraza

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