Faye Evette Betts or Sophie Reade: Vote for Mario Balotelli’s Girlfriend (Photos)

January 12, 2011

This guy can’t make up his mind, so we’re asking you! Should Faye Evette Betts or Sophie Reade be Mario Balotelli’s girlfriend? After a scandalous New Year’s Eve party, he may no longer have a choice between the two former best friends! Get all the gossip below with more photos and videos!

Sophie Reade  1

According to reports, the two BFF’s and the Manchester City footballer spent a night out on the town to ring in 2011. Then at a house party, the athlete and the friend went upstairs together and got “close!”

In the photos above, Faye Evette Betts (19) is on the left and Sophie Reade (21) is on the right. They have been very close for a while now and are both gorgeous. However, since football players never seem to be able to stick to one girl, Mario Balotelli wanted them both! Well the 21 year old was his girlfriend, until she caught him and her best friend getting it on!

‘I feel utterly betrayed by Mario. I really cared for him and he insisted he felt the same way about me. I would never normally date a footballer because they have such bad reputations. Mario seemed very different.’

Well needless to say he wasn’t! Now even though he can’t have his pick, who do you think is the better woman? You may recognize his former partner as the winner of Big Brother season 10. She is also a model and is no stranger to plastic surgery. The England native plans to get over the scandal by getting breast implants, going to LA and doing more photo shoots.

“The other woman” is also a model, but does dance and singing as well. She lives in London and is keeping busy with all of her talents. Is she also going to be sticking with her NYE hookup? We will have to wait and see.

Either way it looks like the three of them won’t be hanging out again in 2011! Sophie Reade blasted them both on Twitter. So what do you think about Faye Evette Betts’ actions? And will she be the latest to try and be Mario Balotelli’s girlfriend? Who do you like better? Enjoy these photos and this great video of the man their “fighting” for, then leave me your thoughts below.

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    Charles Says:

    I think both of them are the kind you f**k and then move on.