Ashley Turton: Daniel Turton’s Wife (Photos, Video)

January 10, 2011

Do you know the name Ashley Turton? She was Daniel Turton’s Wife, he is the White House Deputy Director of House Legislative Affairs. Keep reading to know more about her tragic and mysterious death, her life, career and more plus check out the photos and video after the jump.

Ashley Turton

Ashley Turton’s 43 year old husband has more than two decades of working experience, first along Richard A. Gephardt, in 2006 he began working with Louise Slaughter followed by his time next to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and since 2009 with the Obama administration, he is known simply as the White House’s Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs for the U.S. House, like him she was a respectful and dear staff member at the White House, his lovely wife and mother of the couple’s three children was no exception for anyone who knew her. Ashley was a young, beautiful, smart and kind young woman whose death has left a big hole in everyone’s heart, but what happened? How did she die? What was she doing so early in the morning in her car? Was it an alleged bomb attack? Premeditated murder?

37 year old Ashley Westbrook before becoming Turton has been a hard working woman for as long as people close to her can remember. In 2000 she worked with Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro as her chief of staff until 2007 when she relocated to Pennsylvania Avenue where Mrs. Turton, her husband and three little children – her 4 years old twins and her little two year old little one were living at their home located near Capitol Hill where she was working as a lobbyist for Progress Energy. She also was a member of the board of the National Democratic Club.

Her mysterious death took place at that same home in the early morning of Monday January 10th when she was leaving her house to attend a meeting since that day Progress Energy would be announcing their partnership with Duke Energy, but Ashley Turton never made it to the meeting.

Just as she was driving her silver BMX X5, an infuriating fire trapped her inside her car, where she was found trapped and dead at about 5:00 a.m. Her husband and young children were inside the house unaware that Ashley was trapped inside the garage in flames.

Ashley was a dear friend, wife, mother, neighbor and colleague, the news of her tragic death has impacted all of theworld, her death is a great loss. Here are some of the statements after the news of Mrs. Turton was released.

“My husband Stan and I are shocked by the tragic loss of our dear friend and colleague. She was special as a pioneering chief-of-staff who knew how to make the House of Representatives work for people. This is truly a terrible week for our Congressional family.” Rosa Delauro.

“Ashley Turton was bright, dedicated, and driven by her commitment to strengthen America. She was enormously respected by members of the Democratic Caucus for her savvy and intellect; she was beloved by many for her generous spirit, and good humor. She seemingly did it all: mentoring younger staff, dispensing sound advice, and caring for her family. Ashley and her husband Dan are part of the Capitol Hill family; Ashley’s loss is tragic and is grieved by all of us. I hope it is a comfort to the many who loved Ashley, including her family and especially her three children, that so many grieve their loss and are praying for them in this sad time.” Nancy Pelosi.

“Ashley was a valued employee whose insight and hard work had been critical on so many of our legislative and regulatory issues. She was also a dear friend to many of us and this news is very hard to take. I know we all will keep her husband, children and parents in our thoughts and prayers. Today is an eventful day for us as employees of Progress Energy. Ashley’s tragic death reminds us all to keep perspective in all things.” Progress Energy CEO Bill Johnson

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Many questions surrounded the possible cause of the fire at the Turton’s family garage, some say it was caused by a slow accident in or around the garage causing the car to hit some flammables that subsequently exploded, some others found the accident really suspicious. See the scene of the accident here.

Please Help us with your comments and take the opportunity to express your condolences, on our behalf we send our deepest thoughts and prayers to her family, friends and colleagues throughout this terrible time. Check out the photos and videos below.

Ashley Westbrook Turton
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