Natalie Gulbis is Dustin Johnson’s girlfriend!

January 10, 2011

We all know who Natalie Gulbis is, the LPGA golfer but can you think of her as PGA golfer Dustin Johnson’s girlfriend? Wasn’t he dating another girl Amanda? Who confirmed that the two golfers are dating? How long have they been dating? What do we know about Natalie’s romantic life? Has she been competing in any tournaments recently? Keep reading to know this full story, photos and video after the jump.

Natalie Gulbis

Starting with a short but really cool biography on Natalie, check it out!!

* 28 year old Natalie Anne Gulbis was born on January 7, 1983 in Sacramento, California.
* She is the eldest and only daughter of Barbara and John Gulbis, although she has two younger brothers, Charlie and George.
* At age four she was already on the golf course, a few years later she was competing and by the time she was graduating from Granite Bay High School she was becoming a professional golfer, 18 at that time and a student at the University of Arizona.
* In 1999 her sophomore year at Arizona she won several tournaments plus she earned All-America honors and MVP honors at the USA-Japan Collegiate Golf Championship
* Her sponsors include Lexus, EA Sportrs, Adidas, McGladrey, Cannon, Payment Data, JMA Services, Winn Grips, Sky Caddie, Gameloft, The Loom, Master Card.

Interesting things to know about Ms. Gulbis

*Her Mother works at a medical laboratory and her father who travels with her used to work at the Sacramento County Probation Department.
* While at High School she was a fantastic gymnast. (Level 8).
* She graduated from High School at age 16.
* She won a scholarship to attend at the University of Arizona.
* In 1997 she was the youngest golfer at an LPGA tour event at just 14 years.
* She is part Latvian.
* She posed for FHMMagazine in 2004 where she started writing a column a few years later.
* She had her own television Show in 2005 “The Natalie Gulbis Show”.
* She was a guest at Donald Trump’s The Apprentice in 2009.
* In 2005 she used to date Ben Roethlisberger.

Which brings us to her 2011 boyfriend fellow golfer Dustin Johnson, who in fact used to date longtime girlfriend Amanda Culder and although he hasn’t made any statements it was Natalie who talked to and confirmed she and the golfer were indeed dating ever since November but it was until Jan. 8th that their relationship became public. After that she commented:

”I’ll let Dustin handle our PR.”

I think they make a great couple, (Check their picture here), what can you relate to Natalie Gulbis in 2011 as Dustin’s new beautiful, picture perfect girlfriend? Check the photos and video below.

Natalie Gulbis photoNatalie Gulbis photosNatalie Gulbis pictureNatalie Gulbis pictures
Natalie Gulbis Pictures

Natalie Gulbis Video

Photos: Mary Ann Owen, Ray Filmano, Apega, Chris Connor

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