Sarah Harbaugh: Jim Harbaugh’s Wife (Photos)

January 8, 2011

Meet Sarah Harbaugh she is San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh’s beautiful wife, mother of their children and really an amazing woman. Keep reading from our story to know more about Sarah, her life, family and so much more plus check out the photo and videos after the jump.

Sarah Harbaugh

Sarah Harbaugh’s husband is the 47 year old Ohio native, graduate from the University of Michigan and former NFL player with the Chicago Bears, Ravens, Colts, Detroit Lions and San Diego Chargers becoming his last team the Panthers where he retired in 2001. After his retirement his carer as a coach began, assistant coach along her father at Western Kentucky University at first, the Raiders came second he worked as assistant coach, quarterback and defensive assistant coach, by 2004 he was head coach for the University of San Diego and two years later Stanford University knocked on his doors until the San Francisco 49ers hired him as their new head coach in 2011 until their deal is finalized in 2016, since that year San Francisco will have the great pleasure to see Coach Harbaugh’s stunning wife Sarah and their beautiful children.

Before getting married she was known as Sarah Feuerborn, the name she gave him when she met him in Las Vegas on January, 2006 where he asked her on a date in the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant, she wasn’t sure but she gave him her card anyways. After talking to him a few days later she agreed to go out with him, she knew he was from out of town and a coach but she had no idea he used to be an NFL player until her brother told her.

After they started dating a while they got engaged and on January 5, 2008 two years after they met they got married and so she became Sarah Harbaugh and stepmother of her husband’s children from a previous relationship James, Jay and Grace, but they all got along wonderfully. Check their picture here.

These days Sarah is also the proud mamma of her two daughters Katherine and Addison, until now living in Palo Alto she reigned as one of the most beautiful college wives in the NCAA, I guess Frisco and the NFL will welcome a new queen.

Share your comments about Jim Harbaugh’s stunning wife, and enjoy yourself sharing any other information about Sarah with us but don’t forget to check out the photos and video below.

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    Stacy Says:

    I hope they like this new career path and enjoy the big leagues!