Jim Harbaugh 49ers Bound

January 8, 2011

After building up the Stanford football team it is time for Jim Harbaugh to take on a new challenge. After a reported $25 million deal, he is San Francisco 49ers bound! Check out what the expect from him and reactions to the new coach, with more photos and videos below.

Jim Harbaugh  1

The 47 year old is a former NFL quarterback who has coached at the University of San Diego and most recently 4 years at Stanford. Now he is staying close to home and moving into the big leagues!

The 2010 season with his college team was very successful as the Cardinal ended the season with a 40-12 Orange Bowl victory against Virginia Tech. This gave them their first 12 win season (12-1). When he started there in 2007 they needed a lot of work and now they are on top of their game.

For San Francisco fans, they are hoping that Jim Harbaugh can use some of his magic to do the same thing for the 49ers. When the team ended the 2010 season with a record of 6-10, missing the playoffs for the 8th straight year, the franchise fired head coach Mike Singletary.

The new guy seems very confident about his NFL position and stated at a press conference:

“I have unshakable confidence and great faith in human agency – in human beings, and their desire to be part of a team. I can’t wait to meet (the players)… I accept this competitive challenge willingly.”

Well he definitely has experience in the same situation, just not at this level and I wonder if he will be a success. It seemed that he was going to end up in the National Football League this year even if it wasn’t with this team. He had also talked with the Miami Dolphins and the Denver Broncos, before accepting this position. Maybe he likes to start as an underdog?

What do you think about this appointment? Should Jim Harbaugh have stayed with his college team and coach at least one more year or do you think it’s good that he’s 49ers bound? Check out this video and then leave me your thoughts below.

Jim Harbaugh  1

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