Elen Rivas: Frank Lampard’s ex-Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

January 6, 2011

Elen Rivas is a name we used to relate to Frank Lampard, father of her two daughters and whom she used to be engaged to, after quite some time love has come to her life at the hands of Peter Andre, how did the two meet? What should we know about her? What about her relationship with the soccer player? Keep reading to know all about Ms. Rivas and don’t miss her photos and video after the jump.

Elen Rivas

Born on January 1st, 1975, this 36 year old stunning Spanish model and former fiancée Elen Rivas was engaged to the 32 year old Chelsea midfielder, whom she started dating in 2001, during their seven years together they had two beautiful daughters, Luna her eldest was born on 22 August 2005 and Isla on May 27, 2007. They split up in 2008, according to the Mirror he allegedly cheated on her many times with several women.

After feeling her heart had been ripped from her life she was committed to devoting her love to her daughters and forget about men. If there was a right man for her, he will wait for her to heal and for her daughters to be ready to see their mother with another man.

But don’t think she forgot about her modeling career, in 2009 she was looking fabulous in the Diamond Boutique collection from Tesco, check out her picture right here.

But even as she had a successful modeling career, beautiful girls and Sports WAGS to have fun with, her heart was still broken, she didn’t seem the type to stop loving the father of her girls, who was already dating Christine Bleakley more devastating for her was when pictures of the footballer caressing his girlfriend’s tummy were revealed and rumors of pregnancy started in August, she called him and asked him in a sea of tears.

In an interview that she did with the Mirror she said she was finally over the Chelsea player, she was busy starring in Marco Pierre Whites’ show Marcos Kitchen ¬≠Burnout, getting ready to join her friend Kerry Katona on Dancing On Ice the following year, she had been single and without even going on a date ever since the breakup, but then she was ready to welcome love again, except this time no soccer players were allowed.

I want to find a man and get married. I miss having a man in every way. I’m not having any more children. Two is enough. I’m ready for some fun some me time. So how that man has to be? My dream man must be funny, tall, olive-skinned, intelligent and fit. But they don’t need to be rich I’m doing OK and I will never date another footballer as long as I live. I’d rather go out with a fat man and I hate fat men.

It seems her dream came true she found herself a fit, olive skinned man in Aussie singer Peter Andre, maybe he also is funny and intelligent as well but in the meantime sources close to them said they met in November and hit it off ever since, they spent Christmas together and really seemed to be happy with each other, although media reported that he won’t allow his girlfriend to play mommy with his kids.

We wish her the best of luck in her romantic life as well as in her carer. We certainly will be cheering for her on January 9th when she will be making her dancing debut in Dancing on Ice.

Now share all of your comments about Lampard’s ex-girlfriend or should we start saying Andre’s girlfriend? Have any other information that you would like to contribute to this story, enlighten us with your original words and check out Elen Rivas’ photos and video below.

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Elen Rivas Video

Photos: www.wenn.com/ William Alexander, Daniel Deme

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