Victoria Beckham’s Breast Implants Removed

January 2, 2011

The news about Victoria Beckham admitting she had her breast implants removed is something we have heard before, did she really admit it? When did she have them removed? How many times have we heard about her bra size getting removed or reduced? Check out this news in our story below and take a look at the photos and video below.

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Victoria Beckham’s breasts have been a sensational topic for many years now whether she was getting bigger or smaller implants, Posh admitting to having implants or never admitting having done anything to her breasts, either way the news is a rumor or not we can’t just stop talking about it and now once again for the second time in a year the news about her having the implants removed has been revealed.

Before you get too excited let us remind you that Victoria “allegedly” admitted to having her girls’ enlarged, but we sure remember her interview with Vogue where she admitted having her Bazookas gone, right?

“No French manicures, No torpedo bazookas, either. ‘Gone,’

That sure sounds like admitting having gone under the hands of a plastic surgeon, in fact let’s do a little blast from the past into her alleged three or so surgeries.

It has been rumored that in 1999 Victoria’s cup size was 32A, she changed that when she had her first set of implants in 2001 that made her increase her size to a 34D, moving forward to 2001 when her size became 34DD followed by her alleged reduction in 2009 when she became a 34B.

But not to worry guys, Victoria just admitted she had implants, she won’t remove her 34B cup size to go back to her initial 34A cup size, Mrs. Beckham will continue to look amazing whether she’s a DD cup or B cup, don’t you agree?

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Victoria Beckham over the years video

Photos: Steve Spiller, Pat Denton, Chris Connor, Simon Green,, Michael Wright, Adriana M. Barraza, POP, Michael Carpenter, Z. Tomaszewski.

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