Rob Damiani: Kelly Osbourne’s Boyfriend (Photos, Video)

January 5, 2011

Meet Rob Damiani, he is Kelly Osbourne’s new boyfriend! The media recently spotted them getting very cozy in each others’ arms, but what do we know about him? What does he do for a living, is he an actor, model, musician? When are where did he meet his girlfriend? How long have they been dating? Any wedding plans? Check out that and so much more in our story plus don’t miss the photos and video below.

Rob Damiani

As we remember Rob’s girlfriend used to date Luke Worall with whom she was also engaged, but when she found out that he was allegedly cheating on her with hundreds of girls as she described on her Twitter page, the engagement was off, her outrage was clearly shown this Christmas when she tweeted very infuriating comments about her ex to her followers, calling him the biggest piece of crap (certainly she used other words). She expressed her confusion about him wanting to get back with her after he was allegedly sleeping with tons of women behind her back, he responded to her saying that all were lies and he wasn’t low enough to spill personal details via Twitter.

For her friends it was clear that his betrayal left her heartbroken, looking really fit with her new bod but sad, thank God that was about to change when she met this handsome Brit we know as Rob Damiani. So is this the new boyfriend she is stepping out with?

According to US Magazine, Kelly was feeling pretty lame on Christmas in England, so her friends dragged her to a club trying to cheer her up. For a while it seemed their plan wasn’t working as they saw their friend isolated and not talking to anyone at the club until a handsome man approached her and started talking to her, after a while she was laughing and enjoying herself, so for her friends mission accomplished, their old friend was Back!!!! Sources said they are officially dating and she and her new beau are inseparable.

Certainly that guy who gave her her laugh back was our guy, 26 year old Rob Damiani, lead singer from the British music band Don Broco. Rob’s alternative rock band was founded in Bedford, Northern London in 2008 along with band members Simon Delaney on the guitar, Luke Rayner on the bass and Matt Donnelly on the drums, their new album Big Fat Smile will be released on February 14th, 2011 and their tour begins the day after in Leeds, UK.

Although Rob Damiani and his Don Brocos are quite popular in the UK after they have made appearances in popular music festivals like Sonisphere, Underage and The Camden Crawl, but to others they may worry that he might want to allegedly use her for publicity, now I wonder what do you think of Kelly Osbourne’s boyfriend?, can his intentions be real or real fake? Check out the photos and video below.

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Rob Damiani and Don Broco Video
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