Paul Krepelka is Jenny McCarthy’s Boyfriend (Video)

January 3, 2011

Meet Paul Krepelka, he is a successful NHL Player Agent and he also might be Jenny McCarthy’s boyfriend?? Who is Paul? What players has he represented? Where and when did he meet Jenny? How long has he been dating her? Check out all the updates about this romance that came to an end way too fast plus photos and video after the jump.

Jenny McCarthy

Before we talk about the juicy details about him dating the famous actress, model and former Bunny let’s find out who really is Paul Krepelka. He is the 43 year old was born on January 3rd, 1968; He graduated from Princeton and works as a certified agent with the NHL Players Association and became a part of former Canadian NHL Player Robert Orr’s Orr Hockey Group in Massachusetts, where he became partner on February 2002. Mr. Orr had already joined forces with fellow player Rick Curran in 2000.

On September 12, 2006, we heard about Paul when he was representing New York Islanders Rick DiPietro who signed a 15 year deal worth $67.5 Million and more recently Rangers defense-man Marc Staal, you might remember when he signed a five-year, $19.875 million contract.

“I think both sides are satisfied with the final result,” “Marc is pleased to be under contract with the New York Rangers for the next five years.” His agent, Paul Krepelka, said.

Now to the romantic dates he was been reportedly enjoyed with McCarthy, it is believed that they probably met through her former brother in-law Dan Hinote and it was Paul who confirmed to a Brit Tabloid he has been on a couple of dates with her.

“We’ve been on a few dates and have been hanging out. We’re taking things slow and keeping it low key, but Jenny is a really nice girl.”

Although no confirmation on her side has been revealed we wish them the best and hopefully we could hear they have officially announced their relationship, I would love to think of her as a Sports WAG in the future, wouldn’t you? Do you think they are dating? Do you know more about Paul?

**Update** Sadly on February 9th, 2011 we found out that after talking it over, Jenny and Paul decided to split up amicably. Why did they break up? It was reported that the long distance in their relationship was the cause. For him his job got him stuck in Boston and he didn’t want to move to Los Angeles. Well Jenny couldn’t move to Boston, so before things turned bad they decided to take different roads, but remained as friends. Here is what a source close to them said:

“The long-distance thing proved too much for them, and they just mutually decided that it wasn’t going to work. He didn’t want to move to L.A. and she certainly can’t move to Boston. They’re still friends.”

Check out the photos and check out the guy she kissed on New Year’s in the video below is that Paul? I guess he is.

Jenny McCarthy PhotoJenny McCarthy photosJenny McCarthy picsJenny McCarthy picture

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Photos: PNP, Mike Stotts, Dimitri Halkidis, Dominic Chan, Apega, Judy Eddy, Nikki Nelson

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