Autumn Kelly is Peter Phillips’ Wife, Son of Princess Anne

December 31, 2010

Meet Autumn Kelly she is Peter Phillips’ beautiful wife and mother of their daughter. As you know Autumn’s mother in-law is Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter. Find out more about her, family history, marriage and more plus check out the photos and video after the jump.

Autumn Kelly’s husband is Princess Anne and Mark Phillips eldest son, he is Queen Elizabeth II 33 year old grandson, her eldest and 11th in line to the throne. He is a graduate from University of Exeter and a fabulous rugby player, his younger sister is Zara Phillips.

Autumn Patricia Kelly was born in Montreal, Canada on May 3rd, 1978 she is 32 years old to Kitty Magas and Brian Kelly, she has two brothers Kris she has a half brother Kevin.They were raised in a catholic household in Cedar Park, Pointe-Claire, but when she was just eight years old she had to go through her parents’ divorce and her mother’s decision to remarry (Ron Magas).

Autumn went to a catholic school in Cedar Park and continued her studies at St. Thomas High School until she graduated and got into McGill University in Montreal, Quebec where she got her Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian studies in 2002. During her college years she embarked into a variety of jobs like modeling and acting where she starred in the 1996 film Rainbow along Dan Aykroyd and Bob Hoskins, she also was in the t.v series by Ann Lewis Hamilton Sirens and subsequently as a Management Consultant.

Autumn met her soon to be hubby in Montreal at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2003, after dating for a couple of years they got engaged. Their engagement was announced in 2007 and their wedding took place at the in St. George Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 17, 2008. In order for Autumn to get married to her husband she was required to turn to Anglicanism.

Autumn Phillips became the mother of a beautiful baby girl on December 29th, 2010, the baby was born at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and weighed 8lbs 8oz, her name is still unknown. Some people think Autumn and her hubby might sell the first pictures of their baby for a great amount of money like they did a few years back to Hello Magazine where they allegedly got £500,000.

Interesting Facts About Autumn Kelly Phillips

* She has a twin brother Kris.
* Kevin is her brother from her mother’s previous relationship.
* She was an amazing athlete in High School.
* While at college she worked as a bartender.
* When she met her husband she wasn’t aware he was Royalty.
* Her hubby was working for WilliamsF1 when they met.
* She found out who her hubby was when she saw him on television.
* Before getting married she moved in with Peter.
* She had to turn into Anglicanism otherwise her hubby would lose his right in the line of succession to the throne.
* Sir Michael Parkinson hired her as his personal assistant.
* After they got engaged they had to wait over a year to get the Queen’s approval after she had met with her British Privy Council.
* Her daughter is Princess Anne’s first grandchild and Queen Elizabeth’s great grandchild and twelfth in line to the throne.

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