Lingerie Football League Peta Poster Revealed (Video)

December 30, 2010

The stunning players for the Lingerie Football League have bared almost all for PETA, this time the Chicago Bliss have taken their uniforms off and given fans and PETA supporters what they were expecting, are they posing in a PETA calendar or is it a poster? Check it out in our story plus see the photos and video after the jump.

The Chicago Bliss are some serious tough players, but when Peta reached out to them and showed them the cruelty to animals at fur farms, and even what elephants at circuses go through, these girls didn’t hesitate to strip off their uniforms for another racy Peta poster.

In the video we have below you’ll see these spectacular Lingerie Football League players talking about these poor animals, the great experience and the honor of posing for Peta in their uniforms and without them.

The lucky Chicago Bliss players who are featured in the Peta posters are 32 year old defensive linemen Angela Yangas, 24 year old wide receiver Sarah Swanson, 23 year old corner-back Kelli Leabu, 26 year old Quarterback Heather Furr (how convenient her last name), 27 year old Offensive Linemen Nadya Larysa Bedricky and 27 year old Defensive Back Danielle Moinet. All of them are part of the sizzling poster for Peta, labeled “Tackle Cruelty: Bench Fur”. The girls have two pictures, the first one of all of them wearing their full uniforms and a second one with just Heather, Nadya, Angela and Sarah apparently without uniforms but covering their intimate parts whether with their legs, arms, helmets, football and even their shoulder pads add extra coverage. We have to say all of them look amazingly beautiful and the poster looks insane, Great Job girls! Yet another great poster for PETA! Check out other pictures for their photoshoot here.

Leave all of your comments, thoughts and even questions but not before you check out some of these ladies’ photos and their video for Peta below.

Lingerie Football League for Peta Video
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    Rocky Lore Says:

    Uh, remind me again what football are made from, PETA.