Justin Miller: Athena Batista’s Boyfriend Interview (Photos, Video)

December 30, 2010

Meet Justin Miller. Until this day he was known simply as Dave the Animal Batista’s son in law, Athena Batista’s boyfriend, but today we will introduce to you the real Justin Miller aka Mr. Mill$ the Entertainment Manager. Learn about his life, family and struggle to become who he is now, check out his projects and upcoming plans. Take a look at his photos, video and discover all there is about Justin in this exclusive interview he gave only to Rightfielders, you don’t want to miss it!!

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A few weeks ago we heard about a guy named Justin Miller, he was said to be Athena’s boyfriend who allegedly was her co-star in that controversial personal video. We had a chance to interview her now it his turn. in this exclusive interview Justin Miller talked to us about his family, childhood, school, personal trouble and how he was able to leave behind his troubled past to become the successful project manager he is today.

Rightfielders: When and where were you born?
Justin Miller: I was born in Tampa Florida, Trigger City haha, June 8th, 1987.

Do you have any brothers and/or sisters?
JM: Yes I have three brothers that are all my heart. I live for those boys and they know it. I am the second oldest, I have an older brother James Miller, and two younger brothers Joshua Dunn, and Jacob Miller. My younger brother Joshua plays baseball for the Port St Lucy METS minor team. He was drafted a few years back.

Where did you go to school?
JM: I went to school at Sickles High School. Attended different community colleges also took executive certification classes at Universities.

RF: You have a famous father in-law, was it intimidating to meet him for the first time?
JM: I’m not really the kind of person to be intimidated by anything. I’ve lead a life of overcoming adversity, so I like to think it’s built up enough character for me to be a confident well rounded individual. I met him once, had dinner with Athena at his home. He’s a really nice man, and I respect his success and I actually look up to that.

RF: How can you describe your relationship with your girlfriend?
JM: Well, Athena is young. So there is a lot I have to teach her. But she has a heart of gold, picks up everything instantly shes very intuitive, and she loves so passionately she’s a very good girl.

RF: I read that ever since you were a kid you used to dream about your future, what was it that you dreamed about that got you in trouble in school and at home?
JM: At a young age I was involved in more questionable activities you would say. As I got in to a little trouble, and served a brief term as a juvenile it opened my eyes to education and the world. I understood life is to be made, and the environment I was in didn’t exactly promote reading and learning much. So I ventured outside of my environment to educate myself and rise above the negative things that where getting me into trouble. Multiple businesses later, and with corporate training behind me, Ive developed into the Entertainment Manager I am today. God is good I thank him every night.

RF: You are involved in some interesting things yourself, can you tell us what is it that you do right now?
JM: Currently I’m establishing an Entertainment Management firm. I am seeking models and artists. I also am the Project Manager for Make A Millionaire Ent ™. The label was founded by Andre Vann also known as Mr Vann.

RF: As a Project Manager you are working with Mr. Vann can you tell us a little bit about that?
JM: The project for this label I’m heading up is a mix tape release in January the Title is “Before The Lenses Come Out.” By Mr Vann Baby, featuring Drake, Lil Twist, Marques Houston, Tom G, 2 Pistals, and more! Mr Vanns twitter is @Mr_Vann. Follow him and ask him when his album is dropping! Its gonna be hot, a new sound like never before. Other than that, I manage models, as well as artists. So currently I’m an Entertainment Manager, and this is what I’m currently working on.

RF: How do you handle stress and pressure?
JM: I handle pressure a number of ways. Don’t think about it. If I focus on the positive, and don’t recognize the negative. Not that it’s not there and doesn’t need to be addressed in some manner. But if you focus on the positive things, I’ve found that a tenacious attitude will overcome any pressure, or adversity any day of the week!

What are your greatest strengths?
JM: My strengths would be my mind, communication skills, sales skills, marketing skills, ability to understand the dreams of my clients and know what business model to structure their career with is a gift some say. I want to thank those who have said that as well by the way.

Tell me about your greatest weakness?
JM: My greatest weakness is I care too much. I believe in all of my clients’ dreams as if they were my own. I would say I have a bit of a temper as well. When I want something done I want it done right then and there.

Describe your managerial style.
JM: I have a very straight forward managing style. I come from corporate management background, as well as owning several businesses I shoot straight. My mentor taught me to promise whats expected and over deliver, never sell anything beyond your capability of handling. That’s a concept I conduct all my business by. I lay out what the plan of action is. Simplify every step of the plan by creating a detailed project plan. Then I execute each phase to insure deadlines are met, ROI is always positive never a wash, or negative. Over the years I’ve learned how to manager very efficiently, and strategically.

RF: What are the biggest challenges you have face in your job?
JM: The biggest challenge is dealing with different personalities. You have to remember everyone is different. Adapting to all of your clients needs, and personalities is a challenge I have yet to fail at.

RF: How did you get your start in project management?
JM: I started out managing projects for local small business owners. They would come to me with capital to start any given business. I would take the money and structure their business for them, train their employees, and implement sales strategies, among other things. Then I met Andre Vann through a mutual business contact. I took lead project manager role there at Make A Mill for his new mix tape releasing in January “Before The Lenses Come Out.”

RF: Can you describe Justin Miller? What about Mr. Mills, the project Manager?
JM: Justin Miller is a comical, witty, party have fun kind of guy. Mr Mill$ Entertainment Manager is the aggressive, tenacious, canterous, manager you want to represent a project, or you!

If you want to know more about Justin check out his website jmillermakeamillent.blogspot.com and you can also check out his Youtube channel. Leave all of your comments about this interview and about Justin in our comments box below but before that check out his photos and video right here.

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