Ramajit Raghav is World’s Oldest Dad, Father at 94!

December 30, 2010

Do you think a man can become a father after 90 years old? Apparently he can, that was what happened in India when he became the father of a baby boy at age 94, Unbelievable!!!! Keep reading to know about him, his wife, son and find out how he was able to get his wife pregnant, did they use in vitro fertilization? Super Viagra? Plus check out the photos and video after the jump. (The men in these pictures are not Ramajit, but you can see his picture in our link in our story.)

We have heard stories about women claiming to be the World’s oldest moms, these women have been giving birth to their children at age 60, 66, 69 and even at 70. There were even women over 60 giving birth to twins and triplets at age 66. Bhateri Davi a women from India her husband was 64 years old.

We have heard from other men claiming to be the world’s oldest dads, back in 2007 Nanu Ram Jogi a farmer in Rajasthan, India welcomed his 21st child from his fourth wife at age 90, at that time he said he won’t stop producing children until he is 100 years old, and today in 2010 yet another Indian farmer welcomed his child at age 94.

In Northern India there is a village of farmers called Kharkhoda, Haryana. This is the town where 94 year old Ramajit Raghav and his 59 year old wife Shakuntala Devi welcomed their first son Karamjit two months ago. But how did he make it possible, In Vitro (IVF)? Not according to him, viagra? Perhaps a new more powerful version of the famous blue pill? Nope, that wasn’t how he got his wife pregnant either.

According to Ramajit Raghav, who talked about his early years as a wrestler, attributed his virility to his healthy diet, he calls himself a vegetarian. His diet that includes half a kilo of almonds, three liters of milk and half a kilo of ghee [clarified butter] no alcohol, and what does he have to say about having a little push using viagra?

“I had visited a quack in the village and he gave me some tablets but I didn’t take them and threw them away”.

Doctors said that the diet he claimed help him produce children could be the cause, but he didn’t say what other ways they were able to become parents, they told about the birth of Karamjit as a normal natural birth of any healthy child.

But like Rramajit, his wife described the joy of becoming parents at such an age simply as a gift from God.

“I am a strong follower of Lord Shiva. I wanted to have an offspring and prayed for him. This child is god’s gift to me.” said Raghav “At first I didn’t believe it but it is the god’s grace and most importantly Ramajit is quite healthy and hard-working.” Said Shakuntala.

Ramajit Raghav feels so confident of his diet and healthy way of life that he encourages media to visit him a year from now when he would look exactly the same way and when he will hopefully be expecting his second child.

What do you think of this 94 year old dad? Did you know that he claimed to be over 100? Reports in India said he is actually 94. Check out the photos and video below.

Old Indian ManOld Man In India
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Ramajit Raghav Video

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