Agathe von Trapp: Sound of Music Inspiration

December 30, 2010

We have to say goodbye to a woman who has meant a lot to a lot of people. Agathe von Trapp was the inspiration for the “Sound of Music” character Leisl. She passed away Tuesday at age 97 years old. Keep reading below for more details on her amazing life, with more photos and videos as well.

This woman was the oldest daughter of Captain Georg Ritter von Trapp, of whose family the iconic 1965 film was made about. They will always be remembered and as a tribute we’ll look back over her life.

As a bit of a biography, Agathe von Trapp was born on March 12, 1913 in Pola. Her mother, Agathe passed away from scarlet fever when she was 9 years old. They all did sing and play instruments like in the film, and when her younger sister couldn’t attend school, Maria Augusta Kutschera came to their family and soon became her stepmother.

Later in life she became a teacher and her and a close friend Mary Louise Kane opened a Kindergarten. She also wrote a book about their lives and the movie, “Agathe von Trapp: Memories Before and After the Sound of Music.” I was intrigued to hear her thoughts on the film, and she basically said she loved it, except that it made her dad look too stern.

“She cried when she first saw it because of the way they portrayed him,” Kane said. “She said that if it had been about another family she would have loved it.”

She seemed like an amazing woman who lived a long and full life. We wish the best to the family and other loved ones. Who hasn’t gotten some sort of inspiration from the “Sound of Music?” Take a look at this video of the character Agathe von Trapp was portrayed as and enjoy these pictures as well. Then be sure to leave me your comments below.

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