Dasha Zhukova: Roman Abramovich’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

December 29, 2010

Meet Dasha Zhukova, she is Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s Girlfriend and mother of his child. She used to date a famous tennis player, her father is a very important personality and she has some awesome job of her own, a well known philanthropist, art collector, model and entrepreneur, this girl is not even 30 and already has the world at her feet. Would you like to know more about her? How is it that she hired the Black Eyed Peas for a private party? Keep reading to know this full story and check out the photos and video after the jump.

We all know who Dasha Zhukova’s boyfriend is, he is the owner of the famous English soccer team Chelsea, CEO of Russian’s holding company Millhouse LLC, he was named Forbes’ 50th richest person in the World and top 5 Richest in Russia. He has been married twice and has 5 children with his second wife and one with Dasha.

Darya Alexandrovna Zhukova also known as Dasha Zhukova was born on June 8, 1981 making this her age 29 years old she was born in Moscow to Elena Zhukova (a well known Scientist and former molecular biology teacher at UCLA) and the famous arms dealer and Business oligarch Alexander Radkin Zhukov founder of Sintez UK (Oil Company). Her parents divorced when she was ten years old, she went to live with her mother while her father remarried got divorced and remarried once again to Svetlana with whom he was two boys.

When Dasha was just a teenager her father was involved in a major legal scandal that involved illegal arms dealing, tanks and other powerful weapons, he was arrested but free of charges after it was proved he had no relationship with the crime, during that time she was living in the U.S with her mother where they first lived in Houston and then California. Before college she attended a Jewish School in L.A followed by her time at the University of California where she excelled in Slavic and Literature.

After college she relocated to London where in 2006 in partnership with her dear friend Christina Tang they created their fashion label Kova & T, in 2008 she founded IRIS, her non profit organization founded merely to help promoting the development of contemporary culture and art, it also supports Dasha’s other non-profit international arts space located in Moscow Garage Center for Contemporary Culture founded in the former 1926 Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage, where Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst became Program director until last month when she resigned from Garage and now can be found at Pace Gallery. In 2009 she became POP’s Magazine’s new editor in Chief where she worked until November, 2010 when she left POP to focus on the development and growth of Garage all over the world.

Speaking a little about her romantic life, Dasha Zhukova dated for many years the former Russian tennis player Marat Safin, after they broke up in 2005 she met her now boyfriend and fiancĂ©e during a New Year’s Eve party held by her father in 2006, he was still married to his second wife and although nothing can be confirmed rumors said she was the reason for their divorce in 2007.

Dasha announced they were expecting their first child together in August, 2009 she was already 6 months pregnant, little Aaron Alexander Abramovich was born on December 3, 2009.

Dasha’s life is surrounded by luxury and wealth, the lives between her boyfriend’s enormous yachts (Including Eclipse the world’s largest yacht) and his multiple million dollar properties all over the world, where this New Year’s Eve they will have the Black Eyed Peas give a private concert to them and their guests like Beyonce, Orlando Bloom and other famous celebrities and socialites.

Not bad! What do you think of Ms. Zhukova? Share your comments with us and check out the photos and video below.

Dasha Zhukova Video
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