Irina Shayk in La Senza

December 28, 2010

Irina Shayk aka Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning Russian girlfriend has been pretty busy, first Spanish GQ, now the beautiful brunette is showing off her curves in the new La Senza photoshoot and we have to add she looks AMAZING!!. Keep reading to know all the intimate details about these amazing pictures, her future plans and what her famous boyfriend has to say about it, plus check out the photos and video after the jump.

Have a little mercy Irina, the gentlemen are just recovering from your GQ photoshoot in Madrid and now it is you and your perfect body in La Senza’s undies….. pleassse!

That’s probably what some guys must have been thinking or maybe I am far from the truth and they are just so ecstatic and in disbelief with their luck to have such a beautiful model showing off her Oh-so-Perfect silhouette in underwear, well that is her job since she is a model but let’s not forget this super hot Sports WAG is also Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend.

Irina Shaykhlislamova also known just as Irina Shayk turned into a favorite Sport WAG in May (but they actually have been dating since January, 2010), when we first heard about her dating her fab beau, ever since that time we and the world have been keeping a close eye on her.

But Irina’s spectacular photoshoot is not something new. Back a few years ago she did a body painting shoot for Sports Illustrated, I mean it can’t get any more sizzling than that but amazingly it can and it did when she posed for the pages of GQ, she looked unbelievably amazing and the fact that she was selected for Spanish GQ and in Madrid made it very convenient for her to catch a kiss or two with Ronaldo who sources rumored he was not so happy about his girlfriend posing in such revealing pictures, well that GQ shoot went wrong, didn’t it? Remember she’s suing them?

For the moment we still haven’t heard a thing about what he has to say about Irina’s La Senza pics, but although they look fantastic to us, it might raise the pulse of many male fans and that certainly won’t make him any happier. Irina’s pictures showed her wearing a variety of lacy underwear in black, green, blue and pink plus she is also wearing babydolls and other stylish silky sleepwear. Check Irina La Senza’s photos here and also here.

La Senza has already featured other Sports WAG in the past like Gary Lineker’s wife Danielle and even Cristiano’s former girl Gemma Atkinson. Irina’s La Senza photos are spectacular, for her modeling in underwear is something she is totally comfortable with, with that body who wouldn’t?

“I think the power of seduction is within every woman.”

We agree with you Irina!, Can you tell us your thoughts about this story? What do you think her boyfriend said about her La Senza pictures? Check out some other photos of her and video below.

Irina Shayk Video
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