Stephanie Gilmore: Aussie Surf Champion Attacked

December 28, 2010

Stephanie Gilmore, the triple-crown winning Aussie surf champion was attacked yesterday outside of her home. The 22-year-old sustained a broken bone and some bruising, but will recover fully. Get the full story, plus pictures and video on the story below!

Rising to fame after qualifying for the 2005 Roxy Pro in Gold Coast, Australia as a wild-card, and then going on to win the entire event, the Murwillumbah native is now the most dominant woman in woman’s surfing. But due to a recent attack outside of her home, she’ll be taking six weeks off from the sport to recover.

“The man struck the woman twice with the (metal) pole before fleeing the area on a pushbike,” police said in a statement.

Stephanie Gilmore was attacked by an unnamed man as she walked up stairs leading to her apartment at 9:30pm last night. The Aussie surf champion “received a laceration to the back of the head, a fractured wrist and lacerations to her hand,” according to the police from defending herself from the mugger. Fleeing after attacking her with a metal pipe, the suspect later returned to the area and was apprehended by the athletes friends and held until the police arrived.

Obviously shaken up according to her spokeswoman, all we can hope it that the violent mugging won’t change the outgoing and happy-go-lucky nature of this affable athlete. It wasn’t a month ago she was claiming her world title in Puerto Rico.

“I don’t know how to feel … this is crazy,” she said after claiming this year’s title. “Not even in my wildest dreams did I think I could win consecutively like this, oh my goodness it’s just amazing. I can’t believe it. I just feel so light right now.”

The pride of the land down under, Stephanie Gilmore won’t have to worry about her attacker coming back any time soon. The man who attacked the Aussie Surf Champion has already been charged with a number of offenses including intent to cause grievous bodily harm and was denied bail. Let’s hope he’s put away for a long time. Send your best to one of surfing’s finest in the comment section! And don’t miss the photos and video of the world champ below!

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