Shruti Pandey: World’s Youngest Yoga Teacher (Photos, Video)

December 28, 2010

Meet Shruti Pandey, she is the world’s youngest Yoga Teacher, don’t be fooled by her young age at just 6 years old she has taken the world’s attention to her fabulous and talented Yoga Skills. Would you like to know more about Shruti? Then Keep reading from our story and check out the amazing videos after the jump and you won’t see Shruti’s photos in these pictures but you can see her in the great links in our story.

Just to hear that Shruti Pandey is an incredible an recognizable yoga teacher at just 6 six year old is impressive enough, but what if we told you that she has been a yoga teacher for many adults in India ever since she was four years old? That is even more outstanding, isn’t it? I thought so too!

Shruti was just a cute little 4 year old girl from northern India with tremendous flexibility that was about to be discovered by her trainer, 67 year old Hari Chetan was her teacher a respectful yoga trainer for the last 35 years, he was the first to see the talent hidden in little Shruti that was screaming to come out, so he helped her explore those talents and get the best of them.

Today in the Jhunsi town every class is filled with over 30 professional adults at the Brahmanand Saraswati Dham from 5:30 a.m to begin Young Ms. Pandey’s first yoga class of the day.

“It feels good when people follow my instructions, I feel like a real teacher. I got interested in yoga after watching my brother do it. I tried picking it up myself but it was too difficult. So I asked my parents to send me to yoga classes.”

Shruti was born in Jhunsi, India, she has an older brother Harsh Kumar he is 5 years older than her, (to help you do the math, he is 11 years old), it was because of him and the fact that he knows all of the 84 yoga positions that she got interested, but to her brother it was very clear that he was good, but the yoga skills in her sister are not his thing. Her family is also aware of the little member of their family, talent ever since she was just a beginning yoga apprentice.

“She’s a fast learner and a perfectionist. She grasps techniques quickly unlike kids her own age, who get bored with something as patience consuming as yoga. Within just six months of her training, she surprised everyone by doing the toughest positions with ease and perfection. She’s a natural.”

What do you think of little Shruti Pandey? Is this young yoga teacher just amazing? Check out the photo and videos below.

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