Benjamin Millepied is Natalie Portman’s Boyfriend! (Biography, photos, Video)

December 27, 2010

Meet Benjamin Millepied, he is an amazing ballet dancer with a very impressive resume, he also is Natalie Portman’s boyfriend, fiancée and father of her unborn child, that’s right this lovely couple announced they are currently engaged and expecting their first child. Would you like to know more about Benjamin? Age? Where is he from? What other plays has he collaborated with? When and where did he meet his famous girlfriend? Check out the rest of our story to find out all there is about him plus take a look at the photos and video after the jump.

Well by this time we all know that Benjamin has a famous, very clever and stunning girlfriend, the two met last year while the 29 year old Jerusalem born was filming the 2010 film Black Swam and he was choreographing the entire film as well as starred as David, It was on December 27th, 2010 that her rep announced they were engageand expecting their first baby together, they will be getting married in 2011.

Benjamin Millepied was born in Bordeaux, France on June 10th, 1977 making this his age of 33 years old. Influenced by his mother, Catherine, who was also a modern dancer and by the famous New Yorker dancer Jerome Robbins, Ben started dancing before he was 10 years old in Lyon at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Lyons aka Conservatoire de Lyon and more commonly as the Conservatoire National by the hand of Michel Rahn, who became his teacher during his teenage years.

In the early 90’s he was in summer school at the School of American Ballet in New York. In 1993 he was awarded by the French Ministry of Culture with a scholarship award called Bourse Lavoisier becoming a full time student.

The following year he was part of Jerome Robbins’ Inventions (Part II and III) role that awarded him with the Prix de Lausanne, on his final year at the American Ballet School he was invited to join the cast at the New York City Ballet and received the Mae L. Wien Award, later that year he became NY City Ballet Principal dancer.

Other important and magnificent performances by Benjamin Millepied include:

* In 2002 Triple Duet for Danses Concertantes (Danses Concertantes is the company he founded on 2002).
* In 2003 Chaconne (Olivier Simola dance film).
* In 2004 Circular Mot, The Other Side for Danses Concertantes performed at Maison de la Danse, Lyon.
* In 2005 Double Aria (with the New York City Ballet), 28 Variations of Theme By Paganini (School of American Ballet), Casse-Noisette (Grand Théâtre de Genève),
* In 2006 Closer (at the Joyce Theater New York), Capriccio (American Ballet Theatre’s Studio ), Years Later (part of his solo work), Amoveo (for the Paris Opera Ballet, Marc Jacobs made all the costumes for this play).
* In 2007 From Here On Out (American Ballet Theatre), Petrouchka (Ballet de Genève), this same year he received the United States Artists Wynn Fellowship.
* 2008 Triade (Paris Opera Ballet ), 3 Movements, Without.
*2009 Quasi Una Fantasia (New York City Ballet), Everything doesn’t happen at once (American Ballet theatre), Sarabande (Danses Concertantes),
* 2010 Why Am I Not Where You Are (New York City Ballet, Plainspoken, One thing leads to another (Het National Ballet).

When we said he had an impressive resume, we weren’t kidding, right? Not to mention he has an amazing body and stunning face, with his genes and hers, their baby is sure going to be unbelievably gorgeous, smart and way too talented, Congratulations to Both!! Would you like to send them a message? What do you think of Benjamin Millepied?

Benjamin Millepied Video
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