Daniel Craig is Rachel Weisz’s Boyfriend

December 27, 2010

After working closely for many months it looks like there is a romance between Daniel Craig and his co star! Is he really Rachel Weisz’s boyfriend is the question on everyone’s mind after they were caught holding hands on Christmas Eve! Want to get all the latest details, with great photos and videos? Then keep reading below!

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Will these two live in a “Dream House” together one day? Their new movie is due out next year and now that they have both dropped their previous partners, it seems that the two are now a couple!

This gossip has actually been going on for a while as they worked on their movie, even though Daniel Craig was engaged to Satsuki Mitchell and Rachel Weisz’s boyfriend of 9 years was Darren Aronofsky. Last month, though, we learned that they had both broken off those relationships. Big coincidence?!? It seems like there was more to it than that.

What we have heard is that one source close to the couple has said:

“Rachel and Daniel simply sparked during the filming of ‘Dream House’ in Canada. They have great chemistry.”

The two British actors were together for the holidays this year, as a UK tabloid got a picture of them holding hands on the night of December 24th in southwest England. Other than this there is no confirmation that the pair is an official couple, however I think that is just a formality. And aren’t they just cute together?

What do you think about the possible new romance for Daniel Craig? Is he actually Rachel Weisz’s boyfriend? If so, they both moved on from their previous serious relationships pretty quick, unless they were together secretly before that. We don’t know for sure, but tell me what you think in the comment section after you check out these pictures and video of the two.

Daniel Craig  2 Daniel Craig  3 Daniel Craig  4 Rachel Weisz  2 Rachel Weisz  3 Rachel Weisz  4

Photos: www.wenn.com/L. Dixon, Andres Otero, Joseph Marzullo, Apega, Dominic Chan, Flashpoint, PNP

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