Top New Sports WAGS of 2010 (Photos, Video)

December 27, 2010

Our favorite ladies are certainly our stunning female athletes, but sports WAGS are a delicatessen that we can’t resist. In 2010 we saw our favorite Wives and Girlfriends along with their famous studs but we also had a chance to meet the new Sports WAGS brought to us throughout this year, and now just for you here they are, choose your favorite, check out the photos and video below.

We all know who Hayden Panettiere, Cameron Diaz, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Maria Sharapova, and Jessica Simpson are they are known for their famous careers as actresses, singers or just famous celebrities, they are also some of our new sports wags of 2010, Hayden dating Wladimir Klitschko, Maria with Sasha, Cameron with A-Rod, Rihanna with Matt Kemp, Jessica with Eric Johnson and Kim well for now she is dating Kris Humphries.

But wouldn’t you like to know these ladies that are hardly famous until the day they became a WAG? I thought you would, so here they come.

So Katie Cassidy is David Cassidy’s daughter and Melrose Place actress but in 2010 she also became Jarrett Stoll’s girlfriend, he is the Canadian professional ice hockey player with the Los Angeles Kings.

Katie Cassidy

Silvia Lopez Castro a fabulous Spanish dancer for the Dream Cheers plus she is Los Angeles Lakers’ Pau Gasol’s Girlfriend, she is living with him in Manhattan Beach.

Privileged actress Joanna Garcia is currently in the cast of Better With You, back in 2009 it was reported that she was dating New York Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher these two got engaged in May and recently tied the knot on December 11.

Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford has a stunning sister Candice Crawford she is currently dating and engaged to Tony Romo.

19 year old actress from Argentina Brenda Asnicar is known for her role as Antonella on Patito Feo, but in 2010 she became Argentinean soccer player Carlos Tevez’s girlfriend.

Continue with the country of Tango we have Soledad Fandiño she might or might not be dating Argentinean soccer player Gonzalo Higuain who also plays on Real Madrid.

Soledad Fandino 1 2

And speaking of Real Madrid we have Cristiano Ronaldo’s supermodel girlfriend from Russia, Irina Shaik.

In Spain National soccer team goalkeeper Iker Casillas was an important player and his super reporter girlfriend became an important person on Iker’s heart say hello to Sara Carbonero.

As you all know Real Madrid’s long time rival is Barcelona, this time there is a fantastic player Lionel Messi, don’t judge him by his height this little giant in soccer has some skills and with that a fab girlfrien,d her name is Antonella Roccuzzo.

Carrie Underwood wasn’t so lucky in love before her “Ice stud” Mike Fisher, their wedding this year was one of the most romantic and beautiful we had this year, she might be already way too famous, but when you are a Sports WAG recently married it is worth mentioning her.

Carrie Underwood

Karina Smirnoff is a well known dancer at Dancing with The Stars, but her recent engagement to MLB pitcher Brad Penny, gave this sport WAG a whole new status.

Karina Smirnoff

Mesut Ozil became an important figure to the world at the World Cup in South Africa, that also put his personal life on the map. Many wondered who was the lucky lady, Anna Maria Lewe formerly Lagerblom, was the lucky one although not so dear to many fans who allegedly don’t really like her.

Anna Maria Lewe 1 2

Gia Allemand, a sculptural model and t.v personality known for her role in the Bachelor, but it was her on/ off relationship with Ottawa Senators Chris Campoli with whom she is now engaged that called our attention.

Gia Allemand

Jamie Lee Darley ,Victoria’s Secret model finalist, she was selected just last Christmas what we didn’t know is that this utterly beautiful model is also a Sports WAG since she is Soccer player Sacha Kljestan’s girlfriend.

New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez has been linked to a variety of stunning women, Hilary Rhoda, Jamie Lynn Sigler and recently Lindsay McCormick, these last two denied dating him, but rumors said he has been cuddling with at least one of them, who can that be?

Lindsay McCormickJamie Lynn Sigler 1

In Tennis we have seen Novak Djokovic kill on the tennis court whether with his spectacular tennis skills or with his hilarious impersonations of fellow tennis players, but we also had a chance to see the lovely lady, a live show every day, his girlfriend Jelena Ristic.

Continuing with Tennis we saw another great player and his lovely girlfriend Robin Soderling and Jenni Mostrom, who we also had the great pleasure to interview, check that out here.

Jenni Mostrom 1

Alexandra Browne is Olin Browne’s 18 year old daughter, but she is also Rickie Fowler’s girlfriend.

Clint Bowyer is a fab NASCAR driver he was seen with a beautiful lady in the pit cheering for him, Athena Barber, that relationship is so in the past now the new lady in this racer’s heart is Lorra Podsiadlo.

Thierry Henry is no longer playing in Barcelona he was transferred to the MLS Red Bulls, he is no longer with his wife though the new lady to have his heart is Andrea Rajacic.

Rachel Glandorf was the name linked to Colt McCoy early this year, she might be known today as Rachel McCoy since they got married a few months ago.

Rachel McCoy 1 2

Adriana Henao began dating F1 Helio Castroneves in 2009, but her giving birth to their daughter Mikaela, gave her an important role on our sporty heart.

Greg Norman the famous golfer divorced wife number two, now a much younger lady is by his side her name is Kristen Kutner.

English soccer player Sol Campbell, showed off his beautiful designer wife Fiona Barratt.

Tricia Maxwell is the young blond by Randy Couture’s arm, they have become inseparable according to sources close to them.

Tricia Maxwell 1 2

Kandi Harris is a beautiful cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys, but at the Ryder Cup this year she was known as Hunter Mahan’s Girlfriend.

Allison Micheletti is another sport WAG we first met when she joined her golfer boyfriend Martin Kaynor at the PGA Championships.

Malena Costa used to date a Spanish Millionaire, but now she is dating Barcelona’s Carles Puyol, in fact they are about to walk the aisle.

Who said we can only talk about the players’ WAGS? What about the team’s owners’ wives and girlfriend, so starting with Red Sox and Liverpool’s owner John Henry and his lovely wife Linda Pizutti.

And what about coaches? Well in the FIFA World Cup we also had a chance to meet Argentina’s coach and famous soccer idol Diego Maradona’s girlfriend Veronica Ojeda.

Other new Sports WAGS we met this year was Jared Allen’s girl Amy Johnson, coach Steve Lavin’s wife Mary Ann Jarou, can you think of any other new Sports WAGs we have forgotten to mention? Check out the video below.

Sports WAGS Video

Photos: Judy Eddy, Apega, Fayes Vision, DJDM, Adriana M. Barraza

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