Rex Ryan’s Wife: Michelle Ryan (Biography, Photos, Video)

December 23, 2010

Meet Michelle Ryan, she is New York Jets coach Rex Ryan’s Wife, who if you probably remember and using her husband’s words she is a model, not fashion model but maybe a foot model?? What do we know about Mrs. Rex Ryan? Where is she from? Is she really a model? Does she really have a strange foot video? Keep reading to know who she really is plus check out her photos and video after the jump.

Michelle Ryan’s husband is the 48 year old coach from Ardmore, Oklahoma who played some football while at college, but it was coaching football what got into him the most. He started at Eastern Kentucky and New Mexico as an Assistant Coach, Arizona Cardinals, Oklahoma and Cincinnati. The Ravens in 1999 where he stayed until 2009 and when he landed with 40 pounds less with the Jets. Michelle’s hubby went into surgery in March, his weight threatened his health so he went to NYU Medical Center and got himself a lap-band surgery. I bet his lovely wife wasn’t going to miss those 40 pounds her hubby shed, but we want to get to her a little more, so let’s begin!!

So her hubby spoke of her as a super model and even compared himself to Tom Brady, a much heavier Brady but we could see the resemblance as for the model thing it was pretty clear Michelle did a fantastic job posing with a Jets uniform for an NFL apparel ad, she looked stunning. Check the picture of Michelle in her NFL apparel here.

“I never realized how similar I am to Tom Brady. The obvious physical appearance would be the first thing. The fact that he’s married to a super model [Gisele Bundchen]? Hello? Yes, I’m also married to a super model.”

Michelle was born in August 1963 she met her hubby while both were living in Oklahoma, she was with her best friend on a double date with him ad his twin brother we are not sure if on that specific date they went to a restaurant in Weatherford, Okla, but they sure did on their official first date. She once said that her boyfriend proposed to her on the phone, they got married in 1987 and is the proud mother of the couple’s two sons Seth and Payton, Seth is her youngest and enjoys the fact their father is the Jets’ coach ’cause he gets a chance to meet them and even catch some balls.

Michelle Ryan is a football #1 fan now, she didn’t know much about it when her hubby first started to coach now she is a total pro, just like her two boys, and we have to add that when a big game is coming up they have a good luck routine aside from her weekly family routine that includes Movie night on Thursday, eating out on Friday wearing her black pants and tennis shoes.

Her football routine includes:

– She wears green on days leading up to games, starting early in the morning wearing her throw-back old logo Jet sweatshirt. Similar routines are done by her two sons.
– Payton wears his [cornerback Darrelle] Revis jersey and makes sure to hang out with the same friends on game day and her family back in Oklahoma also wears green all day.

And just this month Deadspin revealed a video of a woman who might or might not be Michelle Ryan, in that homemade movie shows a woman who looks a lot like her but as we told you before we can’t be sure, but you can be sure that the Michelle lookalike definitely loved her feet.

So tell us, what do you think, is that woman Michelle or not? Do you have any good luck ritual like the Ryans? What other information do you have about her? Check out the photos and video below.

Michelle Ryan Video
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2 Responses to “Rex Ryan’s Wife: Michelle Ryan (Biography, Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    Debi Says:

    Boy the U-Tube video is hysterical..Definately is the Mrs Ryan and Rex’s voice…boy he sounds SUBMISSIVE…”Can I touch them”……and he seriously thinks he will be able to get manly respect from his team from now on????………..Doubt it…and middle American Moms won’t be buying the NYJ’s shirts for their kids after this…What a way to wreck a career…Wow…………..

  2. 2
    JakeF Says:

    Voice off camera: “Most men like to do a lot of things with those feet”

    No Rex. Most men like the parts of a woman’s body that doesn’t the ground. But, hey, whatever works for you big guy.