Mike Tindall is Zara Phillips’ Boyfriend (Photos, Video)

December 21, 2010

The World couldn’t just bear to have one royal wedding, well now there are going to be two royal weddings since Prince William’s cousin Zara Phillips just got engaged to her boyfriend/ Fiancée, do yo know who he is? He is a fantastic Rugby player named Mike Tindall and we have all there is to know about him from his biography in our story plus amazing photos, video and so much more!!

We very much doubt you don’t know who Mike Tindall’s 29 year old stunning girlfriend and gorgeous fiancée is, she just also happens to be Prince William’s dear cousin, well we love her not because she is the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and the 12th successor to the throne, but because she is a Sports girl, not just a Sports WAG. She was been practicing horseback riding for years, she is an amazing equestrian champion, just like her parents Capt. Mark Phillips and Princess Anne. She was once engaged to jockey Richard Johnson, that relationship went down the drain in 2003 hitting major media attention, just like her current relationship to her cute Rugby player Mike Tindall with whom she has been living with for quite some time, they have never looked so happy and comfortable with each other which is why the news about these two Royal love birds (she is in the British Throne and he in Rugby) getting engaged, got the world so content, but let’s find out who Mike really is.

Mike Tindall Biography

* He was born Michael James Tindall in the city of Leeds’, a market town of Otley in West Yorkshire, England on October 18th, 1978 his age is 32 years old.
* He studied at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield.
* He started playing Rugby for the England 18 Group team as well as played for many Yorkshire Schools. Ever since his early years in Rugby he became a phenomenal runner, tackler, known for his ability to open opportunities for his teammates. Before he became highly involved in rugby he used to sell fish and chips in a van.
* In 1987 at age 18 he joined Bath where he played until 2005.
* On February 5, 2000 he made his international debut with the England National Rugby Union Team where he defeated Ireland (50-18), in 2003, they won the World Cup in Australia. He was named MBE.
* His big physique granted him his nickname The Fridge.
* He has been capped for England over 68 times.
* In 2005 he joined his former team’s longtime rival Gloucester Rugby after he signed a three year deal deal worth £150,000 ($232.050).
* Throughout his professional career he has been out off the field due to the following injuries: calf, foot, ankle,shoulders , broken leg on April 2007, Dec. 2007 he had a shin injury, punctured his lung, lacerated liver.
* In 2005 he placed third, Tindall entered the prestigious British Poker Open tournament (where his girlfriend also has been a regular guest).
* In 2008 he renewed his contract with Gloucester for three more years (end of 2011).
* In 2008 he was arrested for drunk driving, he was banned from driving for three years.
* He met his girlfriend during the 2003 Rugby World Cup in a bar in Sidney where they were introduced by Prince Harry. They have been living together for many years after.

Mike popped the question to his girlfriend on Monday December 20th, 2010 at the home they share at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (where they moved in on April 2009, before that they lived on a lovely cottage given as a gift by Princess Ann in Gatcombe Park State) their engagement announcement didn’t include their wedding date, but we assume that it will be some time after Wills and Kate’s April 26 wedding at Westminster Abbey. We will be keeping our eyes on this lovely couple in the meantime, Congratulations we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

What can you tell us about Mike Tindall? Would you like to send them a message? Check out the photos and video below.

Mike Tindall Video

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Daniel Deme, Z. Tomaszewski, Anwar Hussein

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