Lindsey Cowan is Dale Roberts’ Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

December 16, 2010

Meet Lindsey Cowan she was the girlfriend and Fiancee of Rushden and Diamonds’s goalkeeper Dale Roberts, who after she allegedly cheated on him with Paul Terry, John Terry’s brother hung himself. Keep reading to know more about Ms. Cowan, their relationship, her alleged affair with Terry and so much more plus check out the photos, video and enlighten us with your comments after the jump. (The woman in this picture is not Lindsey Cowan).

Lindsey Cowan’s boyfriend was the 24 year old Goalkeeper from Horden, County Durham, England. His career as a goalkeeper started ever since he was a young teenager along Sunderland followed by Middlesbrough and subsequently with Nottingham Forest. As a professional soccer player he first played with Nottingham’s senior team from 2005 to 2009 during those four years he has been transfered as a loan to Eastwood Town on 2006, Alfreton Town from 2006 to 2007 and Rushden & Diamonds his team from 2008 until the time of his tragic death on December 16th, 2010. He and Lindsey have been dating for quite some time, they were living together at their home in Higham Ferrers, Northants and recently have gotten engaged. He let his cheating teammate stay overnight at his and Cowen’s home when he was injured and wasn’t comfortable to go to his house in Chafford Hundred, Essex, but it was the way he (Terry) acted around Lindsey that got him suspicious. Lindsey couldn’t lie to her boyfriend and accepted she had been seeing him.

Paul is the elder brother of the famous Chelsea player who as you all know allegedly cheated on his wife with Wayne Bridges’ girlfriend who was also his teammate, ironically 31 year old brother Paul did the same thing he allegedly cheated on his wife Sarah (nee Konchesky’) mother of his children Frankie and Georgia with his teammate’s girlfriend, certainly he denied the entire affair when Roberts asked him, but he already talked the other players about allegedly sleeping with Lindsey. At the time Cowen’s affair came public he said:

“It’s true, Lindsey told me she’d been seeing Paul. I don’t know if they were sleeping together. We’ve split up. I’m trying to get my head around it all, it’s only just happened. I’m a bit messed up. It is bad enough she’s done it at all but the fact it is one of my team-mates makes it much harder to bear.” Cowen’s boyfriend said.

Sources close to Lindsey’s boyfriend said when he asked her she allegedly admitted she had been cheating on him, he was horrified. His teammates stood up by his side and joined him by refusing to play along Paul who was later released by the team and signed with Darligton.

When the news about her boyfriend hanging himself at their home was released she said in a statement.

“my childhood sweetheart and the love of my life. We had been together since a young age and I will never get over his death.” Said Lindsey Cowen.

Lindsey Cowen is 25 years old, she works as a secretary and had been dating her boyfriend/ fiancee ever since they were teenagers, they met when both were just children.

Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends throughout this terrible time. Would you like to send your condolences? A message to Lindsey? Check out the photos and video below.

Dale Roberts
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Photos: Mattythewhite

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5 Responses to “Lindsey Cowan is Dale Roberts’ Girlfriend (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    Amy Says:

    You seem to miss out the part where Dale and Lindsey got back together and were very happy together. Suppose that would be too factual to publish?

  2. 2
    chris Says:

    Yes they did back together but he could not forgive her for what she had done so he left. She is a two-timing slut with blood on her hands

  3. 3
    Tiana Says:

    @Amy… could they have been “very happy” together??! you seem to be missing the “factual” part that the poor guy is dead!
    He certainly didn’t take the rope to his neck through utter content and obviously didn’t see a future with her, or anyone else for that matter! the poor fella saw no other way out…..i do, however know she will have to live with this on her conscience for the rest of her life- i’m sure a sentence enough!
    RIP Dale, gone way before your time but god always chooses the good ones young!!xx

  4. 4
    Amy Says:

    I know this because she is my best friend and I spent time with them shortly before he died. During this time he discussed their plans to marry and said that although they had both done things that they regretted they had a freash start together. Must be much easier for you to blame poor Lindsey than his carreer which had caused him a lot of stress recently! Get you facts right before you comment on things that you know absolutly nothing about!

  5. 5
    Arsen Wenger Says: