Athena Batista is Dave ‘The Animal’ Batista’s Daughter (Photos, Video)

December 12, 2010

Meet Athena Batista, she is Dave The Animal Batista’s daughter, daughter of his first wife and the same who was involved in an embarrassing scandal that involved a video not really rated PG that is. But we are sure that even though Athena Batista’s tape sounds very interesting there are more things that we might want to know about her, so let’s check her out and take a look at the photos, video and share your thoughts and/ or additional information with us.

Athena Batista

So as you all probably know Athena’s famous father is the former 41 year old wrestler, Athena’s paternal grandparents were Filipino and Greek respectively. They raised her father in a household where there were no luxuries whatsoever but honesty, love and hard work was always present. He started his wrestling career in 2000 at the Ohio Valley wrestling and two years later at the WWE. He left in February, 2010. In June he said he might come back to wrestling, he also is a strong supporter of Cancer a deadly disease that has threatened the life of his second wife and Athena’s stepmother, Angie, who was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer a few years ago. He will be collaborating with fellow wrestler The Rock in his new film the Scorpion King Three and today like her father will make his debut on movies, Athena Batista allegedly made hers, not really a great one but it sure would make her famous.

The news about Athena Batista’s tape at a hotel with her boyfriend hit the web and the video became viral all over. The site responsible for bringing the infamous tape was World Star Hip hop where they featured Athena in a Miami Hotel room with her boyfriend Justin Miller in a short video allegedly doing their thing (the vid is 5:22 minutes long), sources claimed that Ms. Batista will be releasing more tapes (In my opinion the images are not very clear, it could or couldn’t be her). Athena’s boyfriend is Project manager and this a little biography of his own.

My name is Justin Miller aka MrMill$. I am the project manager for Make A Millionaire Ent. I represent Andre Vann the founding producer of the label. He also go’s by Mr Vann Baby! I created this blog for individuals to follow current industry news, entertainment, as well as entertainment management. Enjoy!

It is believed that Athena was born in Washington 18 years ago she is the daughter of the famous wrestler with his first wife Glenda who he married in 1990, Athena has also a big sister Keilani who is two years older than she is. Her parents divorced and Angie became her stepmother in 1998. Athena joined her father on his I hate Cancer video where they are featured in various locations and along with different people holding signs against cancer. Her father divorced his second wife in 2006 and Athena said hi to the new lay in her daddy’s heart, fellow wrestler Melina, but that relationship didn’t last long.

Athena graduated in 2009 from Sickles High School in Tampa, Florida just like her sister did three years earlier. She enjoys listening to the Cure, Metro Station, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Brand New, The Higher, Metro Station, The Cure, 3OH!3, Pauly Crush,The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anberlin, Official Blink-182, Lil Wayne, Drake, Gucci Mane, Steve Aoki, Lady Gaga, among her favorite movies are Wayne’s World, The Butterfly Effect, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Wanted, Crank, American Pie, August Rush,The Bone Collector, Dude, Where’s My Car?, Donnie Darko, Somewhere in Time, American Beauty, Fight Club and in television Jackass, Dexter, That ’70s Show, Desperate Housewives, SpongeBob SquarePants, Entourage, some other things Athena likes is tattoos, cars, texting adores her Mac and makeup, like any girl she loves going to the mall and hitting the nightclub. She currently resides in California.

She is also an aunt of her gorgeous nephews, Keilani’s children Jacob & Aiden. She first became pregnant at age 16, Athena was just 14 and experienced the pain and frustration her big sister went through when the father of her child died in a car crash, her sister ran away and subsequently fell in love again and gave birth to her second boy.

Athena and her sister found not long ago that they have a half sister Selena Nava Batista Jonas. They welcomed her into their family and get along just wonderfully, just like they got along with their stepsister, 25 year old Victoria. Looking for some more info about Ms. Batista we found her twitter page where she wrote her name Athena Bautista, it was there that we found some of her latest tweets she exchanged with her boyfriend and other friends.

athenabautista Athena Bautista
@xoxo_olivia thanks girl. Good looks. This is madness!

Athena Bautista
athenabautista Athena Bautista
contact my publicist at 407-xxx-xxxx

Athena Bautista
I’m still not aware of all the details of whats going on. I will not be responding so for any inquiries, you can contact 407-xxx-xxx

Athena Bautista
@_mr_mills WTF? do you remember even filming this clip? is that even us? come back from cali already!

Athena Bautista
@_mr_mills wtf?! My phones blowin up too. All I know is I woke up to some angry a$%&# texts from my dad’s manager! How’s cali, babe?

Athena Bautista
@_mr_mills well good morning to you too babe. I just woke up. This is pretty damn funny. How

Athena Bautista
I don’t believe in having faith or trust in people. You’ll only get stabbed in the back.

Athena Bautista
I lick the gun when I’m done because I know that revenge is sweet.

Oh My! this whole mess is not going to turn pretty, don’t you agree? What do you think of this story? Have any other information you’d like to share with us? Check out the photos and video below.

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Athena Batista Video
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2 Responses to “Athena Batista is Dave ‘The Animal’ Batista’s Daughter (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    Justin Miller Says:

    Go to her website

  2. 2
    John Smith Says:

    You guys are wrong on a few things. She NEVER graduated from high school. Her real graduation year was supposed to be 2011, but she dropped out and she was also NEVER preagnant.