Vanessa Tevez: Carlos Tevez’s Wife (Photos, Video)

December 14, 2010

Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez has or had a lovely, gorgeous wife at home in Argentina, her name is Vanessa Tevez and she might be the reason why he wants to leave his team, but we want to know more about her do you want to know her better too? The keep reading our story below where you will find all there is to know about Mrs. Vanessa Tevez and check out the photos, video and share all of your comments with us.

Vanessa Tevez

Vanessa Tevez’s husband is the 26 year old soccer player from Buenos Auires, Argentina who currently plays for Manchester City. He started his career in soccer back home when he played for All boys and Boca Junior, he traveled to Brazil where he joined the Corinthians followed by his international debut with West Ham United in 2006. The following year Inter Milan was interested in Tevez but Manchester United had a more appealing offer, he took it and played there until 2009 where he became Manchester City’s #23 player.

Now that we fill you in with his info, let’s check out 25 year old Vanessa Mansilla before she became Mrs. Tevez and who is known to be her husband’s childhood sweetheart and mother of the couple’s two gorgeous daughters Florencia, who is now 5 years old and Katie who as you might or might not know was born 6 weeks premature earlier this year in February to be exact, little Katie Tevez had to spend some time in the Intensive care unit, where her daddy flew from England to be with her. Check Vanessa Tevez’s picture right here and also here.

But while Vanessa was with her daughter in Argentina there was a woman in the UK, a model named Marina Paesani, who said she is the real woman in Vanessa’s husband’s life she added that Vanessa is the woman who has come between her and her boyfriend. The alleged affair goes back a few years ago even before Vanessa gave birth to her second daughter.

So then why is he saying that he wants to leave Manchester to be with Vanessa and their daughters, is his alleged fling over, did Vanessa forgive him? She already forgave him for allegedly cheating on her back in 2004 with another model Natalie Fassi in Argentina. Rumors said that they are no longer together although they get along just well, he is rumored to be dating 19 year old actress Brenda Asnicar with whom Argentinean media said that he will be getting married, but they have also said he has allegedly cheated on her with a woman named Claudia and Vanessa Mansilla is living with her daughter at her parents’ house.

But Vanessa is a smart woman, loves her family over all and she defends them with her life, here is what she said about a statement on a magazine where they said that the father of her children has been absent in their lives for a while.

“They didn’t do any interview to me I never pose for their pictures, I have never made any statement before and I won’t be doing that now either, I have never like to be in the pages of any magazine, I like to keep a low profile, but I do understand the rules of this game and understand that they have to sold the magazines, The only thing I want to make clear is that Carlos is an excellent father and his daughters are dying to be with him. Our relationship is good and is excellent with the girls. We have been separated since November, i decided when Katie was born, but I want that is respect about this topic, Flor is five already and she understands everything she reads and hears about her father, What the magazine published is all a lie”. Vanessa said.

Oh Wow, poor girls I can think that even though they miss their father tremendously, Vanessa makes sure they get all the love and attention from her and her family. So in conclusion the soccer player wants to leave Manchester to be with his daughter and his teenage girlfriend and Vanessa is sure thankful she is not married to him anymore although they get along just fine. What do you think of this story? Have additional information about her? Check out the photos and video below.

Vanessa MansillaVanessa Mansilla pictureVanessa Mansilla TevezVanessa Tevez MansillaVanessa Tevez PhotoVanessa Tevez pictures
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Photos: Mark Readman/ James Nichols, 247 Images, Apega

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