Who is Cam Newton’s Girlfriend? (Photos, Video)

December 14, 2010

Cam Newton is the new Heisman Trophy winner, who is the lady in his heart with whom he will be sharing this joy? Who is his girlfriend? Is it really this girl that we just know by the name Sasha? What are other recent updates new in sports today? Metrodome Collapsing? Jillian Michaels’ last season at the Biggest Loser? Who is the athlete dating Susan Sarandon’s daughter? Keep reading to know all the most interesting news in sports right now plus check out the photos and video after the jump. (The woman hugging Cam might or might not be his girlfriend).

So Cam Newton got the Heisman Trophy on December 11th. We all know he has some talented family of his own, his brother Cecil is a Jaguar, his father Cecil Sr. is a former Cowboy, sure talented genes run through his veins and also good looks so with that tremendous physique and promising career we are sure he sure knows his way with the ladies, but does he have a specific lady that makes his heart beat faster? Does he have a girlfriend? Who is this girl Sasha who is being linked to Cam? Check her out right here.

I love this Sports Couple they are so interesting and HOT!! Like Cameron Diaz and A-Rod who according to the Hollywood Life are still dating!

And check out Susan Sarandon’s Daughter Eva Amurri according to Bumpshack, she just got herself engaged to a former MLS soccer Player.

Although we don’t know if Jillian Michaels has a boyfriend or is married, the Biggest Loser fitness trainer announced this will be her last season on the show, because she wants to have a family, Huffington Post reports.

Talking about Fitness, The Daily Stab released the 2010 hottest celebrity bodies featured in Fitness Magazine.

I am sure these hotties melted the ice on your roof, which reminds me that the roof at the Metrodome Vikings stadium didn’t melt down, but collapsed, check out the news brought to us by Bitten and Bound.

And on Saturday night Josh Koscheck’s alter ego also collapsed when Georges St-Pierre beat him at UFC 124, Bleacher Report gives us 20 reasons why he is considered the MMA God.

And who is not alongside God is Kimbo Slice, who was rumored to be dead already, but the Post Chronicle brings us the truth, he is not yet in Heaven, I am sure he will go up there, he is not that naughty.

Well at least not as naughty as the offer the Phillies probably offered to Cliff Lee to get him back to their team, Babes Loves Baseball gives us the insight.

Who sure were very naughty were the Hackers that broke into Gawker’s networks affecting also Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Jezebel, Jalopnik, Kotaku, Deadspin and Fleshbot, these group of hackers are known by the name of Gnosis, L.A Times Blogs has the news.

That is definitely very bad news for them and their hundreds of users, now let’s go back to our news with Cam Newton’s girlfriend Sasha, what do you think she thinks about Cam’s high school girlfriend Nat, Nat is better looking what do you think? Terez Owens said none of these chicks is his Girlfriend, but this exotic blond, her name is Jessica O┬┤Neil, Niiiceee.

What do you think, who do you think is really his girlfriend Sasha, Jessica or Nat? Gives us your opinion and we will investigate all about the girl who gets more votes, Good Luck with that, meanwhile check out the photos and videos below.

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