Minnesota Dome Collapse: Vikings Stadium Collapse Video!

December 14, 2010

Have you seen the viral video of the Minnesota Dome Collapse? See the Vikings Stadium collapse video and find out what it means for this NFL team’s future below!

Failing under 17 inches of snow over the past weekend, the near 30-year-old Metrodome had to be shut down for the scheduled NFL game and will need extensive repairs before it can be used again. Still, while the damage to the roof can be fixed, it’s the confidence in the Metrodome that has taken the most damage.

With the widespread news of the Minnesota Dome collapse, the Vikings stadium cave in video went viral on YouTube within hours. Buying the team in 2005 for $600 Million, Zygi Wilf has been campaigning for state subsidies for a new stadium for 5 years. Now, most pundits agree it’s time to put up or shut up for the northern team.

“It’s an aging facility. We all know that. This actually ramps up that part of the discussion,” said state Sen. Julie Rosen.

With the Twins having moved out to their own new state-funded facility, it’s only the NFL team that now continues to use the aging stadium. If the Minneapolis football team is unable to secure state funding for a new facility, the NFL may be tempted to select them for the fabled move to L.A. As the second largest TV market in the United States, the NFL has been looking to return to Los Angeles for a decade. Now, the failure of one of the lowest-earning stadiums in the league may be just the incentive the league needs to initiate the move.

While no one is certain about the future of the team, what is certain is that fans won’t soon forget unbelievable video of the Minnesota Dome collapse, the fifth in the history of the dome, but the first since 1983. Workers usually spray the teflon roof with hot water and run hot air under the ceiling to melt off snow and prevent a fatal build up. But high winds on the day of the failure prevented these measures, and lead to the stunning video you can see below! What do you think the NFL should do with the northern team? It’s tough to imagine the Vikes anywhere besides Minneapolis. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section after you check out the pictures and video of the stadium failure below!

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