Thibault Hutin: Martina Hingis’ Husband (Photos, Video)

December 13, 2010

Meet Thibault Hutin he is former tennis starlet Martina Hingis’ new husband, they just recently got married and we are sure you want to hear all about their wedding but mostly you want to know who is this guy that we just know by Martina’s show jumper/ husband so let’s find out all about him, check out the photos, video and share all of your thoughts and comments after the jump.

Thibault Hutin

So Thibault Hutin’s new wife is the 30 year old retired tennis player from Slovakia who became a tennis sensation and number one player in 1996 when she became the youngest Grand Slam champion, a fierceless, strong and determined player some once said of her, but when she allegedly tested positive for cocaine in 2007 everything seemed to be damaged that was where she also announced her retirement for the second time in her professional career, although she came back to the tennis court in 2010 along with her long time partner Anna Kournikova she cleared up that she won’t be coming back to professional tennis, she is a show jumper crazy in love now, that really was a shame just like most male fans must be thinking when they heard the news about her getting married, this time for real.

Over the years we have heard about her romantic life. She once dated fellow tennis player Sergio Garcia, Ivo Heuberger, Magnus Norman, Julian Alonso and Radek Štěpánek with whom she also got engaged just like she was engaged to Swiss attorney Andreas Bieri. All those relationships went to the drain but one guy made his impact on her heart to the point that he was the one who took her to the altar or at least the the Parisian City Hall since they have just a civil wedding for now, I am sure that since it is Paris even City Hall is romantic.

24 years old Thibault Hutin is 6 years younger than his new bride, they met in St. Tropez in April 2010 just 4 months after she broke her engagement to her Swiss attorney stud, for months they kept her relationship to themselves, not for her previous relationship having end so recent, but sources close to her said she was a bit nervous because he was so young, but apparently so right for her life now a professional show jumper which is the same profession Thibault practices and adores.

Thibault Hutin a French show jumper is her husband now, their wedding took place on Friday December 10th, 2010 at city Hall in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris followed by a small reception at the Presidential Suite of Paris’s Hotel George V and honeymoon at the Malvines, their Swiss ceremony will be next Spring. Their best man was Mario Widmer long time boyfriend of Thibault’s mother in-law, Mr. Hutin wore an exquisite, simple yet elegant Armani suit while his new wife wore a chic, sophisticated bright two piece dress and beautiful coat on top of a matching pen cap and pearls resting on her beautiful neck.

“Yes, I got married. I’m “very happy. Our wedding came as a surprise for many, but it has been in planning long in advance,” Said Hingis or should we said Mrs. Hutin.

Sure it is was surprising, but in a good way Martina! just earlier this month we saw these two love birds in Paris, she had confirmed she was definitely not single and was dating Thibault Hutin.

We never got to see the exquisite Bulgary engagement ring Thibault gave her on her birthday (September 30th) where he proposed to her, or maybe we did see some ring on her right hand some women wear their wedding bands on their right so their can show it off proudly, so far they will be living at her home in Paris that she recently bought, but they will also be living in Switzerland until they find a proper home where their beloved horses can also live in. Check their wedding pictures here.

Congratulations to Both! You do make a great, beautiful couple and we are so happy for your wedding. Would you like to send hem a message? Would you like to add anything about Thibauklt Hutin aka Martina Hingis’ Husband? Check out the photos and video below.

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