Kimbo Slice Dead Rumors False!

December 13, 2010

Kimbo Slice dead? Nope, those rumors are false! It seems these celebrity death rumors make their way around the ‘net every couple weeks… Oh and BTW, Keith Sweat not dead as well. Sheesh! Get the deets here plus photos and video below.

Don’t we all grow tired of these celebrity death rumors? Searches for ‘Kimbo Slice dead?’ have been running rampant on Google right now, but no worries folks, he is very much alive!

Kimbo, whose real name is Kevin Ferguson, put everyone’s mind at ease regarding the death rumors as he took to his Twitter page and announced a few hours ago:

“I’m straight y’all. Thnkx for the concern. Some1 else with the same name passed away earlier from my old neighborhood..”

Whew, glad that got cleared up, eh? But we are sorry to hear of someone with the same name passing, so our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Yes, as I mentioned earlier, there is another celebrity death rumor running around right now but no worries – Keith Sweat’s not dead! My favorite R & B singer from the 90’s is still alive and kicking!

Okay, so back to Kimbo Slice….

What’s the latest on his professional boxing debut? Looks like that’s been postponed a bit as he gets some down time with his family. A few weeks ago his promoter spoke to ESPN regarding the postponement:

“Right now he’s vacationing in Florida. He went home for Thanksgiving. His pro debut will be put off until at least the beginning of next year. He needs more work and more sparring.”

“I had him in California sparring and in real training with Clemente and Darryl Hudson. He was given all the tools, but he continues to get offers from MMA and offers to be in movies and it’s hard to keep him focused on training camp. That’s the story more than anything else.”

Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he’s ready next year or not…I’m guessing the movie offers look better, don’t ya think? So again, a recap – Kimbo Slice dead rumors are false and Keith Sweat’s not dead!

Check out some photos and videos of Kimbo below.

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