Google Hot Searches in 2010: Google Zeitgeist 2010 (Photos, Video)

December 12, 2010

Want to know what everybody is searching for all over the world on Google? What are Google’s top searches in 2010? Who are the people searching for it? Is Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga among these Google hot searches? Want to find out, then you better check out the rest of our story and don’t miss the photos and video after the jump.

First it was Yahoo that released their top searches in 2010, Google was second, they brought a very interesting list on their Google Zeitgeist 2010 (German word for spirit of the times) that included several categories such as Fastest Rising in Entertainment, food and drinks, Technology, Health, sports, Maps searches, In the news, Consumer Electronics, translations, humanitarian aid and also fastest falling that was ranked like this:

1. Swine Flu (Major topic also known as H1N1, Swine flu and Pig influenza)
2. Wamu (short for Washington Mutual, Inc.)
3. New Moon (second film from the Twilight Saga, I wonder Breaking Dawn might do on 2011)
4. Mininova (site that offers BitTorrent downloads)
5. Susan Boyle (Became famous for her performance at Britain’s Got Talent)
6. Slumdog Millionaire (Movie that won 8 Academy Awards from it 10 nominations)
7. Circuit City (Liquidations, lousy bargains)
8. Myspace Layouts (Large selections of layouts by MySpace)
9. Michael Jackson (died last June)
10. National City Bank (Rates, Building in Toledo, etc.)

Covering every category on the Google Zeitgeist 2010 list or commonly heard as Google Hot searches in 2010 we have:

1. Chatroulette(Russian social website that pairs strangers on videocams conversations)
2. Ipad
3. Justin Bieber (Despite most people’s options the world still has Bieber Fever)
4. Nicki Minaj (hip Hop artist from Trinidad and Tobago, but with Indian descent)
5. Friv (Free online Games)
6. Myxer (Make your own ringtones, free ringtones, MP3s, wallpaper)
7. Katy Perry
8. Twitter
9. Gamezer (Online Games)
10. Facebook

And other popular selections brought to us by ABC might be:
1. iPad
2. Chatroulette
3. iPhone 4
4. World Cup
5. Justin Bieber
6. Myxer
7. Facebook
8. Grooveshark (Internet radio)
9. Glee (TV show on FOX)
10. Mocospace ( mobile social network)

As you can see there are some slight changes, but still a very cool selection. A recap on sports is the World Cup, the Olympics in Vancouver and Fifa 2011. In Food we have guacamole recipe, Cupcakes, Masterchef, on health we have HCG Diet, Dr. Oz, aspergers and even McDonald’s Nutrition.

Humanitarian aid has Donations to Haiti, Pakistan and donations via text message. News all over has the Chilean Miners, Besitkas and Haiti, while Google hot Personalities features Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Eminem and Selena Gomez and # ipad, iphone 4, Nokia 5530, HTC evo 4g, Blackberry apps on Google top Electronic searches.

We could leave out Google’s most outrageous, strangest and quirkiest searches like horses having OCD, Snookie Halloween costume and did you think Dancing with the Stars was Google’s rising dance searches? Well you are wrong it is the Dougie dance.

Share your Google picks, tell us what are some of your Google hot searches in 2010? Would you like to add some searches or what search do you think should be on the lists? Check out the photos and video below.

Googe Zeitgeist 2010 top searches Video

How to do the Dougie Dance Video
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