Metrodome Collapse Video!

December 13, 2010

Breaking news, literally! Minnesota has got dumped on again, and not just with all the heavy snowfall, but there will be no game for the Vikings today since the collapse of the Metrodome! This Metrodome collapse video you have got to see, it’s chilling! Find out more details and see incredible photos and actual footage right here!

Record-breaking snow in the Twin Cities totaled a reported 17 inches! Not to mention an entire whiteout for the holiday season! Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

According to reports, the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Giants were scheduled to kick off some Sunday funday football today at Vikings Stadium, that is until the Metrodome’s roof collapsed early this morning! The weight of the snow weathered the roof after the Twin Cities reportedly received more than a foot and a half of snow piled high on its rooftop. Apparently, this was just too much for it to hold. As blizzarding weather stormed throughout the day yesterday and the Minnesota Vikings were forced to postpone today’s game. The game was originally scheduled to kick off at 7:20 ET. I guess Old Man Winter had a different plan.

Because of the cold (now that’s an understatement!) and treacherous conditions, the game was first postponed due to travel. It is said that Minnesota’s airport was closed and the New York Giants were stranded in Kansas City!

So now the game has been moved to Detroit, Michigan where the Lions have so kindly given up their stomping grounds for the teams. The Giants will take on the Vikes at Fort Field at 7:20 pm where the league will be giving out free tickets to fans. This also includes priority seating for those who had tickets to today’s game in Minneapolis.

Wow, it’s not yet clear on whether Minneapolis-St. Paul will be ready for next week’s game against the Chicago Bears but we will definitely keep you posted! You MUST watch this amazing Metrodome Collapse video below and be sure to check out photos below! Leave us your thoughts in the comment box. As always, thanks for stopping by!

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