UFC 124: St-Pierre vs. Koscheck Fight Video (Photos, Highlights, Results)

December 11, 2010

The UFC fight card included some awesome MMA fighters, but without a doubt the main card has Georges St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck on it which makes it so very interesting, check out some insides on this cool fight, news updates, where can you watch UFC 124 online, final results and the photos and video after the jump.

UFC 124 will be on Saturday December 11th, 2010 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec and will welcome one of Canada’s dearest MMA sons, Georges St-Pierre, who at 29 years old is ready and aggressive to take Koscheck down for the second time since their last fight at UFC 74 in 2007 where St-Pierre won via unanimous decision. As cool as he might be acting so far, this time he had something very interesting to say.

“That’s going to be two times that I beat him. If he has the same mentality as me, Josh Koscheck is going to have to reconsider his career. . . . It’s going to take a long time again before he (gets) the title (shot) and maybe never again.”

Since his UFC debut in 2004 at UFC 46 this will be his 18th fight, winning 16 and losing two of his fights, while Josh Koscheck, the 33 year old fighter from Pennsylvania made his debut at the Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale in 2005, having 18 fights on his resume, with 4 losses and 13 wins.

Hundreds of Canadians will be at the Bell Centre that has previously hosted the UFC event three other times (UFC , 85, 97, 113), UFC 115 that was on Vancouver. I wonder who will win tonight? What is your pick? Check out the full UFC 124 Fight Card and the last for 2010 until we meet again at UFC 125 on January 1st, 2011, photos and video below.

Preliminary Card Fighters
Lightweight Pat Audinwood John Makdess (won by UD)
Welterweight Matt Riddle(won by UD) Sean Pierson
Middleweight Jesse Bongfeldt Rafael Natal(draw)
Welterweight TJ Grant Ricardo Almeida(won by UD)

Preliminary Card (UFC.com) Fighters
Lightweight Mark Bocek(won by submission) Dustin Hazelett
Middleweight Joe Doerksen Dan Miller(won by split desicion)


Main card Fighters
Welterweight Thiago Alves(won by UD) John Howard
Lightweight Joe Stevenson Mac Danzig(won by KO 1st round)
Lightweight Jim Miller(won by submission) Charles Oliveira
Heavyweight Stefan Struve(won by TKO) Sean McCorkle
Welterweight Georges St-Pierre( Josh Koscheck

And where can you watch the UFC 124 live? Spike TV is not available due to the 2010 Video Games Awards schedule at the same time, but you can watch it here and the UFC.com has more info about where can you watch it live from your country’s region.

And continuing with the highlights on this awesome UFC 124 Welterweight Championship fight St-Pierre vs. Koscheck. Josh got into the ring along the crowd’s booes while St-Pierre wearing his karate suit was greatly applauded, the fight started with a few kick from St-Pierre on Koscheck’s leg, a pretty hard kick on his right eye that was looking not good at all after the firs round. The second round started with St-Pierre continuing to kick Koscheck on the right side of his face, that eye might look grotesque by the end of their fight; Josh managed to throw him a few punches but nothing threatening to the Canadian Champion.

The third round continued with several facial kicks on Koscheck’s face to the point that by the end of the round an UFC official went to examine his eye to make sure he could continue fighting, he gave a green light and the fourth round began. Koscheck’s face continue to be punished, and he was looking tired and defeated but he kept on fighting at the end he got ice on his eye and encouraging words from his team. On the last round St-Pierre looking neat and cool kept on kicking the face of his opponent severely. At the end and by unanimous desicion Georges St-Pierre was once again proclaimed the 2010 Welterweight Champion a this UFC 124 fight. He has won on 2006, 2007 and 2008, 2009 and this April when he defeated Matt Hardy at UFC 111 and on December he still is the Welterweight Champ, neatly and amazingly done!

UFC 124 St-Pierre vs. Koscheck Fight Video
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