What’s In Your Purse? Some of the Craziest Contents Ever!

December 11, 2010

What’s in your purse? They used to be just for holding the bare essentials, but now the uses are so varied it’s crazy! Want to know what you must keep with you and some of the weirdest things people take with them? For more, with photos and videos, keep reading below.

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It’s such an intriguing topic because each woman is so different and many men won’t admit it, but they are very curious too. It has become a popular game to find out what people keep in their bags, and it has me thinking about my own!

Before looking at what is in your purse, we can’t forget the actual bag. There are millions of different kinds of handbags in both purpose and design. Clutches, totes, coin purses, etc. and the type can almost say as much about you as the contents. But let’s focus on the everyday, medium sized purses. What is the one thing you can’t go anywhere without?

Each person is going to need different things depending on what they need for where they are going, health issues and personal entertainment. Moms tend to have more useful things to help with the kids, while a younger woman will probably have more beauty items. If you are going on a trip they tend to get heavier and a date handbag will be pretty specific.

Obviously most people will keep a wallet for money and I.D. and usually keys and a cell phone. Past these basics there is no universal list. However, here are some of the things women have said they keep with them. Magazines and books are popular as well as gum or mints and makeup. Okay, but what else do some people keep?

After searching around, here are some of the crazy things I found people carrying. One woman had two beers in her tote and there was a pair of men’s underwear in another! A college student had a bottle of bubbles and another female, with lots in her bag, had purple duct tape and a Willy Wonka script!

Obviously we can get carried away with what we bring with us. Check this story out if you need some downsizing help! People like to share their unique items, so I ask you, “What’s in your purse?” After you check out these pictures and this video, leave me your list and comments below!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/FayesVision, Daniel Tanner, BJJ

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