Ellen Ross, Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend: Exclusive Interview!

January 19, 2011

Most of you know that Jon Gosselin has a new girlfriend, right? Her name is Ellen Ross. We had the tremendous pleasure to interview her, we discovered a side of her the media ignored, what did she talk about? What did she say about Kate? About her beau and his children? What about her family? Hobbies? Her relationship? Likes? Was she athletic? We have it all for you, and we are sure you’ll be surprised to find out who the real Ellen Ross is, so check out her interview below!

Jon Gosselin

Not long ago I did a story about her, did you read it? You can do that here. If you check that out you’ll see that the media has been saying that Ellen hasn’t spoken to her boyfriend’s ex, she has met the children, they call her Ellen and according to sources close to them their relationship is pretty solid, but we also found out something about stepmother of the year? It’s not that she said it to brag, but her friends joked around after she said something related to wrapping so many presents this year, how cool that was going to be. Ellen adores kids even more when these children are her boyfriend’s, we got intrigued to find out more about her, not exactly about her relationship but to get to know her a little bit more.

We got in touch with her, and she very kindly took some of her time to do this interview which Rightfielders is so thankful for, here you go!

Rightfielders: When and where were you born?
Erin Ross: I was born in Pennsylvania in 1986.

RF Who are your parents and siblings?
ER: I have one brother who’s almost 21.

RF: What was your perfect childhood memory that comes to your mind right now?
ER: Going on a vacation to the beach in Virginia and seeing wild horses!

Where did you go to school?

Any favorite subject at school?
ER: I loved English/Reading/Writing and Greek Mythology.

Were you athletic?
ER: I rode horses and loved swimming but didn’t really participate in any sports for school.

RF: When it comes to friendship, what do you seek in a friend?
ER: Someone I can trust no matter what.

RF: What are your college studies, are you working right now?
ER: I’ve been working for the State Govt for over 5 years now.

RF: What is your favorite outfit?
ER: I love a comfy pair of jeans and several layered shirts. I also LOVE wearing knee high boots.

Are you into fashion? If yes who is your favorite designer?
ER: I love fashion. I am mesmerized by all of the designers and their talents.

RF: Do you have any favorite movies?
ER: Crash and Old School

RF: Favorite actor/ actress?
ER: Jennifer Aniston and Mila Kunis and I am very fond of Tom Hanks and John Travolta.

Like to read? Favorite book?
ER: I love reading. By far my favorite book is Marley and Me because it touched me so much emotionally. I also read a book called the Backroads, which I found really interesting.

Who do you consider a role model?
ER: My mom of course. And Ric O’Barry, from the documentary The Cove. It gives me goosebumps to see people stand up for something they believe in, especially when it deals with animals or the environment.

RF: Have any hobbies?
ER: I love cleaning and decorating, any kind of activity that involves nature and being outdoors, and I love horses!

RF: We know you adore your gorgeous dogs, what are their names and ages?
ER: Pixie is my fawn chihuahua, she’s 5 and the first chihuahua I ever owned. Grace is a red merle and she’s 3. Stella is a chocolate long hair and she just turned 1.

Did you have any dogs or another pet as a child?
ER: I’ve always had pets in my life. My parents had a dog and 2 cats when I was younger. Then after that, we had another dog and 2 more cats. When I was growing up, I owned many gerbils, rats, rabbits, and hamsters.

RF: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
ER; It’s hard for me to think that far ahead when my life is so busy right now. I hope to be settled into a house, and be very happy with everything in my life.

RF: What do you find irresistible in a man?
ER: A sense of humor.

RF: Where would the perfect Holiday getaway be?
ER: Somewhere totally secluded, like on part of an island where it’s just you and the beach.

RF: Are you afraid of anything?
ER: Heights!!!!!

Describe yourself in 5 words?
ER: Grounded, strong, compassionate, selfless, determined.

If you could choose someone to spend a week on a deserted island who would that person be? Why?
ER: My very best friend who passed away 2 years ago, because I would do anything to have any amount of time back with her again.

Where did you meet your boyfriend?
ER: Through mutual friends at my job.

Was it hard to have your life in the public eye everyday?
ER: Yes but I told myself I wouldn’t let the harsh judgments and assumptions of others affect my every day life. As long as I go about my business I won’t let anything impact me in a negative way.

How would you describe your relationship?
ER: Full of trust, love, and laughs! We are each other’s best friend.

What is the funniest day you have spent together?
ER: There are many days when we just goof around and I feel like all of the horrible stresses of the world don’t matter.

RF: Have similar likes and dislikes regarding things to do, food, music, etc?
ER: Yes, very much similar. We both LOVE the same kind of music so car rides are always fun with us!

As you can see Ellen is quite a girl, a very down to earth, smart, kind and sweet young woman. We didn’t ask her anything related to her boyfriend’s ex, we were so interested in knowing her, it was even better to find out how awesome she is, it was without a doubt so nice to meet her. Share your comments regarding this interview plus a gallery of pictures and a video below.

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Ellen Ross’ Interview Video

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  1. 1
    Lobo698 Says:

    Nice interview. Ellen seems like a nice young lady.

  2. 2
    truth Says:

    If Ellen was a good person she would not be talking about Kate and the kids to her co-worker. Her co-worker has been dogging Kate all over the internet for months. Read the truth here: