Ellen Ross is Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend, Stepmom?

December 10, 2010

Have you met Ellen Ross? She is Jon Gosselin’s young girlfriend , What was that comment we heard about her being the Stepmom of the Year?. Who is this beauty? What does Kate have to say about her? What about the kids? How old is Ms. Ross? How did she met Jon? Keep reading to get all the answers and more on our story below and don’t miss the photos and video after the jump.

Ellen Ross

While his former wife and mother of his children is busy getting together with Sarah Palin and watching over her kids, he is busy with his girlfriend, kids and getting a big tattoo on his back that not just had all of his children’s names, but also Ellen’s. Unfortunately it was misspelled. Sure Ellen said that her name was not on the tattoo and that a high school friend of her did it. But besides being his super young girlfriend what else do we know about this lady?

23 year old Ellen Ross is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. According to reports she has been papa Gosselin’s girlfriend for the past eight months. She has even met his 8 children. She had made her point about her devotion over her three cute chihuahuas. Se enjoys being outdoors, hanging out with friends and family either, having a great talk or watching Netflix movies, which she adores. She also has a job related to the Pennsylvania government.

Ellen met her boyfriend’s children in May. Sources close to him said the meeting went great and added.

“She is the first love interest to be introduced to his children,”

She met the kids and met their mother not officially that is, it was said that they haven’t said a word to each other, not because they can’t stand each other but because there hasn’t been necessary, that might be about to change after Ellen’s comments about herself being the Stepmon of the month on fer Facebook account. Her friends defended her by saying that her comment was they were joking with her about wrapping the kids’ Chritsmas gifts.

Some of the things that tabloids around the web have been saying about Ellen, where clarify on an interview she did with Pop on the Pop, see it here. In her own words she described herself as…

“I’m very down to earth. I like to avoid drama and I have a lot of close friends and I’m close with my family. I just try to go with the flow and take things as they come to me. I’m pretty personable. I’m easy to get along with.”

Sources close to them said she really is a nice girl, very reserved and has managed all of the sudden attention very maturely. They added that their relationship is stronger than ever. Others don’t agree with that comment and said that she really hates children and said she is using the Stepmom of the year thing for attention. Who do you believe? I think we should try to give her a chance, she doesn’t seemd into the whole celebrity thing and if you do a a little search for pictures of her, you’ll find tons of pics where she is having a blast with the children and they seemed to enjoy her company as well, besides Kte is very smart don’t you think that if she didn’t think Ellen was a good girl she would allow her children to be with her?

Tell me do you think this relationship will last? Do you think they will eventually get married? She seams like a great lady, hope we couldgetto know more about her, What other information do you have about her? check out the photo and videos below.

Ellen Ross 1
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Ellen Ross Video
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3 Responses to “Ellen Ross is Jon Gosselin’s Girlfriend, Stepmom?”

  1. 1
    suebonnet Says:

    Who would want this CLOWN to be in their kids life? Fugly Ellen has been reported to be GAY. She has been reported to drink till she is DRUNK and FIGHTS like a MAN.She has disrespected the kids mom on all levels and sold stories about the kids. What Fugly Ellen Ross needs to do is CRAWL BACK IN THE HOLE SHE CAME OUT OF!

  2. 2
    Lobo698 Says:

    The ones who are so unkind about Ellen are the rabid Kate fans. They don’t know her, yet say ugly things like that post of sudbonnet, who sounds stangely like a mentally ill poster Goody2shoes. Ellen is a nice girl and loves kids. Too bad they don’t know her and keep blasting her simply because of being a fan of Kates. Shame on them. Nice story btw. Don’t believe the true haters, the Kate fans.

  3. 3
    Lobo698 Says:

    Also, that picture you have of Ellen is not that flattering. LOL She is very pretty, you need to find another one.