Jane Fonda: TV Role In The Works?

December 8, 2010

Following her recent DVD releases, there is a new desire for Jane Fonda! TV roles on cable are where she sees her exciting future. Are there more leotards and stretching scenes coming? Keep reading below for more details on her goals, with photos and videos.

Jane Fonda  1

She has had a successful movie career and her workout videos from 20 years ago were a hit. Now that she has released “Jane Fonda: Prime Time Walkout” and “Jane Fonda: Prime Time Fit & Strong” she wants to take her vision to the small screen!

These new workouts are aimed at senior citizens and you can tell that the actress has a passion for helping the aging community’s health. Now that she is 72 years old and has had her own issues with growing old, she wants to share her experience and research with others. She had her own breast cancer health scare recently and is strongly urging seniors to keep up with their wellness.

And she is hoping that she can widen her influence by getting a cable TV role. Jane Fonda said:

“I have a sort of a vision of what it could be and that’s all that I’ll say. I think the best, edgiest writing is now on cable television. It’s pretty exciting.”

Since she is not saying much we don’t know what the show would be about, but I can imagine it would focus on health and possibly fitness. Maybe a talk show? There is no deal in the works currently, but maybe there will be soon?

What do you think about a Jane Fonda TV role? And what do you think about her passion for helping senior citizens? Take a look at these pictures and video from her older movie, and then leave me your comments below.

Jane Fonda  2 Jane Fonda  3 Jane Fonda  4 Jane Fonda  5 Jane Fonda  6 Jane Fonda  7

Photos: www.wenn.com/Nikki Nelson, Apega, FayesVision, Anthony Dixon, Adriana M. Barraza

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