Horrified Children Watch Huge Rudolph Deflate (VIDEO)

December 8, 2010

Deflating the festive mood at a Richmond Virginia parade this week, horrified children watch a huge Rudolph parade balloon pop on a traffic light. We’ve got the video of the incident, plus pictures and details below!

Discovering much too late that their monstrous inflatable reindeer would not fit under a traffic light on the path of the parade, handlers attempted to move the reindeer out of the way, but were too late. Punctured in the head by the lights, the parade really fell flat after the incident.

Perhaps it would comfort the horrified children who watched the huge Rudolph deflate to know that this wasn’t the first and certainly wont be the last parade balloon mishap! In 2005, a giant balloon at the Thanksgiving Day Macy’s parade swung wildly out of control and injured two spectators after striking a light-pole. The incident was an eerie repeat of the 1997 Macy’s parade where a 60-foot cat-in-the-hat toppled into a light-pole and knocking off an arm that injured four people, one of whom spent 24 days in a coma!

While no-one was physically injured during the Richmond incident, it’s fair to say that a few young innocents may have been slightly traumatized. After all, nothing says ‘Christmas is Cancelled’ clearer than stabbing this iconic reindeer in the head!

Acting as the flagship of the balloon parade, it seems the accident occurred because no one measured the height of the traffic lights before green-lighting the monster reindeer inflatable. The incident caused a bottleneck in the parade for an hour while organizers raced to clear the red-nosed reindeer’s remains.

What do you think of the Richmond parade incident? While it’s impossible to watch the video without finding the humor, some parents are rightly filing complaints protecting their horrified children! Watch huge Rudolph deflate in the video below and let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

Children Favorite Balloon  1 Children Favorite Balloon  2 Children Favorite Balloon  3 Children Favorite Balloon  4 Children Favorite Balloon  5 Children Favorite Balloon  6

Photos: www.wenn.com/Ivan Nikolov

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