Stephanie Rice is Australian Swimmer

March 30, 2008

Meet Stephanie Rice, an Australian swimmer and one to watch at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. See photos, video and a biography of Stephanie below.

Stephanie broke the world record in the 400m individual medley at the 2008 Australian Olympic trials with a time of 4 minutes 31.46 seconds, which is 1:43 off of American swimmer Katie Hoff’s record of 4:23.89. Stephanie broke yet another world record in the 200m individual medley, with a time of 2 minutes 8.92 seconds. The record was previously held by China’s Wu Yanyan.

Stephanie is in the news yet again today, but not for a swimming record…A photo of Stephanie dressed in a skimpy police uniform (see photos below) has surfaced from her Facebook page, and she and fellow swimmer Bronte Barratt are seen sauntering around a pole. Her Facebook page also include photos of her boyfriend, fellow swim star Eamon Sullivan.

As a biography, Stephanie was born on Jun 17, 1988 in Queensland, Australia.

Stephanie competed in the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia and won the gold medal in the 200 and 400m individual medley.

At the 2007 Melbourne World Championships, her time of 2 minutes 11/42 seconds earned her a bronze medal in the 200m individual medley, which broke a previous Australian record by one second. She placed third in the 400m individual medley and had a personal best time of 4:41.19.

Stephanie continues to break records, as was evident in the recent 2008 Australian Olympic trials. You can read more about Stephanie here. It will be an interesting Summer Olympics, that’s for sure!

Click below for more photos and video of Stephanie Rice.

See more of Stephanie’s Facebook photos here and here.

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    TELIA Says:

    heii i’m doing an assignment right now on you:) :) i go to glasdtone west state primary school and im in grade 4,lol
    write back! seeeyah!!!

  2. 2
    Joshua Says:

    Stephanie Rice is tha hottest chic i have eva seen she is cute and hot!! plus: She is SEXY!! I LOVE STEPH SO MUCH mwaz i love you remember that bby take care

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    jessi Says:

    u are so cool and i just luv u. i wish u the best 4 all the future games ‘n congrats on u winnings. im doing a bio on u but i dont think i have enough info btw i wish i could be like u, a one ofa kind swimmer

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    jessi Says:

    a one of a kind swimmer

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    Jamie Says:

    heii steph i’m doing a bio on u!!

    ur so cool i wis i could just be lyk u.. ur so fast at swimming.
    i come 4om chatswood ps.hope u write back 2 me soon!=]

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    Joshua Says:

    haii steph in half ur pics u lookk sooo FCKEN HOTT!! mwazz jst 2 let ya know u wanna go out soonn ayyee?????