Anna Ardin: Wikileaks Julian Assange’s Rape Accuser (Biography, Photos, Video)

December 5, 2010

Meet Anna Ardin she is the Swedish woman who accused Wikileaks funder Julian Assange of sexual embarrassment, not wearing a condom, very confusing this is, but wouldn’t you like to find out who is Anna? What does she do for a living? How did she met Mr. Assange? Don’t miss the photos and terrific videos below.

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By this time you all know that Wikileaks founder has been arrested in London after he turned himself in. The charges? Well, rape, sexual harassment and sexual assault. His accusers? For now we know of two Swedish women Sofia Wilen and our girl Anna Ardin. The confusing part is another girl we just know by the name Jessica aka pink sweater girl at the seminar in Enkoping, but we thought that girl was Wilen unless her full name is Jessica Sofia or the other way around Huh…. any clues?

According to reports Anna and the other girl went to Klara police station in Stockholm on August 20th, to search for information about forcing someone to get HIV tested, Why?

According to Anna Ardin, when Wikileaks Mister was in Sweden in August she was press spokesperson and secretary at the Christian Association in Sweden, known as the Swedish Association of Christian Social Democrats who organized the event for him. She allowed him to stay at her apartment since she was going to be away and because his location was meant to remain unknown.

Anna came back a day earlier, but she was okay with him staying there with her. One thing lead to another, dinner, blah, blah, blah, back to her place and together in bed, everything was fine except for the fact that his condom broke (so Anna says).

He left for the seminar where he allegedly met this pink sweater girl, (Jessica or Sofia) with whom he allegedly slept with using a condom. He allegedly refused to wear one the following morning. These two Pink sweater and Anna spoke on the phone about their sexual adventures with Assange, both were worried about unprotected sex–their mission was to force him to get an HIV test. If that was so, then why are there rape accusations against him?

It was reported that Anna Ardin planned a party at her place after the so called attack took place, she sent tweets from her phone and texted on her phone that she was in the company of “the world’s coolest smartest people, it’s amazing!” After she became aware of how these could prove him as innocent she tried to destroyed them, but she couldn’t and and in what seems like a lame revenge technique, she released an article about how to get back at cheating boyfriends.

“Sometimes It Is Difficult To Go On Without Some Kind of payback. As a Human Being You Should Be Able to Understand that. In this case I was very upset with a forms fiancé WHO betrayed me for a longtime. My revenge at That point consisted in posting this translation.

Now this post hock gotten Many good Christians to cast spells on me, told me That I am mentally insane and said That Because I am a “Revenge” The whole world speed The Right To Get Their Revenge on me. I Think That Is sad, but i hope That this global states over this blog post Will Cause a lot of people to think again over Their own need for revenge, And The Way They Treat Their fellow humans. Anna responded when her Christianity was in questioned due to her revenge plan

The Herald Sun reported that same type of messages were on Sofia’s. Both accepted having consensual sex and neither accused him of rape.

In Sweden not wearing a condom is punishable for two years in prison for rape. A sexual molestation charge is for not agreed with Ardin about wearing a condom, one of them (they are in their 20’s while the other in her 30’s said at the time of the accusations on August. See Anna Ardin’s picture here.

“The responsibility for what happened to me and the other girl lies with a man who has a twisted attitude to women and a problem taking no for an answer”.

Media had been investigating their case very closely, they come to the conclusion that both Anna and the other girl made everything up, by going to the police searching for advice, they knew their case was going to turn into rape, but her tweets and texts seemed like she was having the time of her life next to a man she idolized, maybe the fact that he slept with another woman the next day got her jealous and upset, she is now in the middle east, but Wilden is nowhere to be found, if they are found of making up the alleged rape story they could end in jail. Check it out, we found this.

Penal Code Chapter 15, 7 § A person who, otherwise than in 6 §, with prosecutors, police or other authority falsely testifies of a criminal act, provides compromising circumstances, or denies acquitting or mitigating circumstances, shall be found guilty, if authority review such a case, of false accusation to imprisonment not exceeding two years or, if the crime is petty, to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months.

What exactly do we know about Anna Ardin or Anna Bernardin? She was born in Visby, she is 31 years old. Before working for the Brotherhood Government she used to work as a research assistant at university in Sweden, on her personal blog she describes herself as Is a political scientist, communicator, entrepreneur and freelance writer with specific knowledge in faith & politics, gender issues, feminism and Latin America. She got her major from the Department of Government at Uppsala University where she also was an Equity manager at Uppsala Student Union, she was awarded with the 2007 SFS Equal prize. for her thesis about the Cuban Government.

What do you think of Anna Ardin? Have any additional information about her you’d like to share? Check out the photos and video below.

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Anna Ardin Video
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9 Responses to “Anna Ardin: Wikileaks Julian Assange’s Rape Accuser (Biography, Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    Laura Says:

    I would like to know what this woman’s email address is. I would like to tell her what I think of her and her unethical behavior. She needs to be held accountable for her actions and know how the global community feels about her. I would like to see her receive emails from all the other people who have something to say about her revenge tactics and the far reaching consequences affecting millions of people. We are in a cyber war now because of her allegations against Assange and his subsequent arrest. Wikileaks would have had a fight on its hands without her involvement, but what she did inflamed the situation and brought shame to the women’s movement and to herself. What she did was evil and she will be remembered in history for this. However a person feels about Wikileaks, she will go down in infamy for what she did.

  2. 2
    John Kirk Says:

    Check this out. The lady is a fraud…

  3. 3
    Jane Mayfield Says:

    Here is Anna Ardin’s last known email address at work
    (Uppsala University)

    Rape is a serious charge and should not be brought frivolously. Sweden applies the definition of rape broadly. Relatively few outsiders would know the broadly applied Swedish definition of rape, which can include failure of, and failure to use, a condom. It would therefore be incumbent upon an adult Swede of normal intelligence, common sense and comportment to clarify the use of the condom imperative (law) when and if they insist upon the use of a condom during intercourse with a foreigner in Sweden.
    Uppsala University is one of the great universities in the world. I am surprised that Anna Ardin, an academic, would want this kind of publicity that points to her character and behavior in such an untoward and suspect way.
    The record appears to suggest that the Assange charges are not the first time that Anna Ardin has leveled sexual malfeasance charges, the previous charge was apparently brought upon one of her students.
    In the US, we have a well-known saying: “They fooled me once, shame on them. They fooled me twice, shame on me.”
    If the serious charges brought on Assange are false by any reasonable standard, then one or both of Assange’s two Swedish accusers have an opportunity to make the headlines and history in a way that will restore the world-wide perception of Sweden, its women and its rule of law.

  4. 4
    Kaj Johansson Says:

    Those women are members of the Social Democrats (sister party of Labour ). They are political animals, feminists of a kind not very feminine in my opinion and they are making me feel awkward being a Swede, albeit a male one.

  5. 5
    BalounJ Says:

    This woman (Anna Bernardin aka Ardin or is it the other way round? The name-game on its own is pointing to a weird place, but let’s not get distracted)is said to have spent some time in several South American countries as well as an intern at the Swedish Ambasy in Buenos Aires and in Cuba where she was working with anti Castro groups apparently linked with the CIA and funded by the US (Carlos Alberto Montaner – a former CIA agent convicted in the mass murder of seventy three Cubans on an airliner he was involved in blowing up) until this “leftist” Anna Ardin was kicked out of the country.
    In Cuba she apparently interacted with the feminist anti-Castro group Las damas de blanco (the Ladies in White). This group receives US government funds and the convicted anti-communist terrorist Luis Posada Carriles is a friend and supporter. Wikipedia quotes Hebe de Bonafini, president of the Argentine Madres de Plaza de Mayo as saying that “the so-called Ladies in White defend the terrorism of the United States.”
    She is also said to have worked for Central Intelligence Agency controlled web sites : United LEFT

  6. 6
    anonymous Says:

    Whatever you think of her, she doesn’t deserve ANY online harassment. If you want to help the Wikileaks cause, then work on holding governments accountable for the crimes and lies uncovered by the leaks.

  7. 7
    Anna K Says:

    This sad little woman makes a joke of all real rape-victims.

    The only way you can save your name now is to confess the truth and exonerate Assange’s name.

  8. 8
    thongsai yut bungpheng Says:

    Anas Bernadin kontakter med grupper som arbetar med USAs regeringspengar ger mycket att misstänka.
    Att använda sig av tjejer för att göra sig av med obekvämna män är inget nytt för USA.
    Och Anas bakgrund talar för att detta kan vara mycket möjligt.
    Hon haft kontakt med de ovannämnda gruppen, enlig det man läser i hennes blog anser hon inte att hon blev våldtagen utom hon verkade ha haft riktigt skönt.
    Hon visste vad en anmäla för våldtäkt skulle ha för konsekvenser för Wikileaks, och hur glada USA skulle bli av detta, och trots att hon inte tyckte känna sig våldtagen, anmälde hon honom och gick till och med aktiv till tidningar.
    Man behöver inte en komplicerad konspiration, hon kan ha agerat efter egen övertygelse.

  9. 9
    Outage Says:

    Private Eye Magazine – Hypocrites!

    ‘Private Eye’ is a magazine which expresses a particularly strong moral dislike of misogyny, anti-feminism, holocaust denial and anti-Semitism – in public that is. Behind the scenes at ‘Private Eye’, things are rather different.

‘Private Eye’ appeared to be so obviously concerned that Julian Assange might have caused harm to women and Jewish people, I took them at their word and wrote to Ian Hislop. My letter warned of something far more dangerous and sinister than Assange’s alleged crimes.

For decades, an individual has been churning out hate material and spreading it all over the internet. Not on hidden ‘Darknet’ sites and not even anonymously. It is all published under his own name and is easily obtainable from any of his numerous hate sites. Here are a few samples.

“It is no coincidence that those at the forefront of the campaign for so-called ‘feminism’ are Marxists and Jews. Indeed, the whole ‘women’s liberation movement’ was the creation of Jews…”

“ This was the hoax of the Jewish ‘holocaust’.”

“There are several excellent reasons why the story of “the Jewish holocaust” is a fictional tale – a product of Zionist propaganda – and why the so-called “evidence” which is produced, and which has been produced, in support of this story is suspect or false.”

Strangely, ‘Private Eye’s abhorrence of anti-Semitism and its pious concern for the defence of feminists, evaporated completely as soon someone other than Assange was being accused. ‘Private Eye’ didn’t want to run the story and no, they wouldn’t even publish a letter on the subject.

So it seems Holocaust denial and misogyny are not the real issues for ‘Private Eye’. It is Julian Assange himself that they disapprove of.
But why Assange and not the author of the hate material ? Read a little further and you will begin to see that ‘Private Eye’ is a bit more pro-establishment than it would have us believe.

The purveyor of the hate material is a police informer, with alleged links to MI5. The authorities’ failure to arrest this man, even though he has published illegal hate material for thirty years, certainly supports this assertion. 
My letter to ‘Private Eye’ explained that the hate sites are used as ‘honey traps’ to attract extremists for the purpose of ID theft. The information is then passed on to the authorities. The problem with this strategy is that, although some extremists are prompted to attempt acts of terrorism by the material, they are not always caught in time. This is what happened in London in 1999. A young man, heavily influenced by the informer’s hate material, set off a series of nail bombs before he was caught by the police. An unborn child and its mother and many others, were killed in these attacks. At the time the security services said that the police informer was not under surveillance, so they could not have prevented the loss of life. Now more than a decade later, the informer is still publishing his dangerous nonsense and nothing is done. So it looks as if the bomb victim’s families were lied to in 1999, because this person is an informer and they knew exactly what he was up to.

But ‘Private Eye’, the magazine which promotes itself as a fearless exposer of the truth, wont touch this story. They wont even allow any mention of the informer in their letters page. Yet Julian Assange is pilloried in every issue of the ‘Eye’, over allegations which at present haven’t even been tested in court. 
Could it be that for ‘Private Eye’, Holocaust denial and manslaughter is O.K. If MI5 says it is?

Some very lucrative careers in the mainstream media have been launched on the back of ‘anti-establishment’ satirical magazine ‘Private Eye’. Next time you see a rich little guy on TV ‘defending to the death’ our right to free speech, just remember it doesn’t extend to the unborn child who was blown up before it had a chance to live.

If you request it, I will name the informer and publish scans of the letters from ‘Private Eye’ magazine refusing to expose the informer’s Holocaust denial.