Brooke Castile is Skating With The Stars Injured (Photos, Video)

December 7, 2010

The fabulous and stunning Brooke Castile is one of the professional skaters starring on Skating with the Stars. Her partner is Jonny Moseley, and sadly she is also injured herself with filming the show. Would she be able to continue skating this season? What was her injury? Who really is Brooke Castile? Keep reading to know all the answers to your questions in our story and don’t miss the photos and video of her accident below.

As you probably know already Brooke’s skating partner is no stranger to the ice or skates, although he would rather hit the snow instead of the ice rink and feels more comfortable in his skies rather than skating blades. After all, he is the handsome Puerto Rican skier who part of the U.S Ski Team. He is also a judge on ABC’s show Master of Champions. He is very dear in San Francisco and even has his own Jonny Moseley day. He is very lucky to have Ms. Castile as a partner on Skating with the Stars, but will she continue to be? Is her injury so bad that she will have to be replaced? If so by whom?

Brooke Castile’s Accident happened during a rehearsal with her medalist partner, when he stumbled, fell down and his skate sliced her finger to the bone. Ouch!!

She was bleeding all over while Moseley continued to rehearse as if nothing had happened. Brooke was taken to the hospital where she got some stitches, a bandage and is expected to be back on the ice for Skating With The Stars. Brandon Smith was the other SWTS contestant who was taken to the hospital after he threw up during his rehearsal with partner Keauna McLaughlin.

Now let’s find out more about this beautiful 24 year old from Detroit, Michigan. She was born on May 31, 1986. She is the second daughter of her parents’ four children. For Brooke, growing up in Detroit meant skating ever since she was seven–at first on frozen lakes, but then she took her skating more professionally and started taking lessons.

“I went to my Nana’s house and skated for the first time on the canal in her backyard,” she said. “I took to the ice naturally, so she enrolled me in a 6 week class. I have been skating ever since.”

Her career started as a singles skater, and it wasn’t until she turned 16 in 2002 that she paired up with Benjamin Okolski with whom she won her first gold medal at the 2007 U.S Championships in Spokane. She also won the Nebelhorn Trophy that same year. In 2008 they won the Bronze medal at the 2008 U.S Championships in St. Paul, Minnesota. They withdrew from the 2008 Cup of Russia, and won the Pewter at he 2010 U.S Championships in Spokane.

They retired from pairs skating, but continued to be on the ice. Brooke is now a pair skating choreographer and coach in her native Detroit. While others think the will to win and having a love for skating is the primary motivation for any skater, for Brooke it is just passion for the feeling skating brings to her life.

“I love the way it feels to just skate, I love to feel free on the ice, and just skate from my heart all the way through my fingertips. I love performing and the rush of competition. Most of all I love pushing myself to new limits and skate harder, fly higher, and just put my mind, body, and soul into the ice.”

Brooke is a really impressive and passionate skater, don’t you think? Hopefully she will have zero problems with her hand at Skating With The Stars and they will give judges and viewers the performance everyone is expecting from them. Share your comments with us, tell us what do you think about her? Check out the photos and the gruesome cutting her finger in SWTS video below.

Brooke Castile and Jonny Moseley in SWTS Video

Brooke Castile cutting her finger in SWTS Video
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