Jonathan Franzen: Oprah Awkward Appearance and Apology

December 7, 2010

Nine years later the two meet again! Though there is drama between the two, Johnathan Franzen’s Oprah appearance went pretty smoothly. It sure was interesting though, and for the full story, with more photos and videos from the show keep reading below.

When the talk show host picked his book “The Corrections” for her book club in 2001, he was anything but happy. He basically thought he was better and didn’t want to be associated with a simple television show! Well he picked the wrong person to disagree with!

During yesterday’s show they talked about the incident and while it seemed a little awkward for Jonathan Franzen, Oprah seemed pretty confident. No shocker there really; he ticked off the one person in television that has the biggest influence. Now he needs more sales for his books and she is finishing her last season with a bang! Here is what he actually said back in 2001:

“I see this as my book, my creation, and I didn’t want that logo of corporate ownership on it.”

They were pleasant and he talked about how he has learned to respect TV more and how he was shocked that his comments made such a splash. Once it was talked about however, they moved on and she talked about the new book “Freedom,” which she picked for September’s book.

It was great that they were able to smooth things over in her last season. It was a little uncomfortable to watch a man face the icon and have to “wimper.” Everyone knows he was wrong and she was right, and now they got to show the world that fact, while moving past it!

What did you think about the whole thing? Jonathan Franzen & Oprah are both moving on from the drama that happened nine years ago. Do you think it was a good move to pick another one of his books and to have him on the show? Check out these pictures and video from the show and then leave me your comments below.

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