Tara Roquemore is Tony Stewart’s Girlfriend

March 30, 2008

Meet Tara Roquemore, the on again/off again girlfriend of NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. See photos and read a biography of Tara below.

As a biography, Tara was previously married to Marty Gentry. They divorced after four years of marriage and she retained her maiden name. Tara is a Georgia native and attended Osborne High School in Marietta, Georgia. Upon graduation, she attended Kennesaw State University, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

Tara is a former Marketing Assistant for Home Depot, which is the primary sponsor for Tony Stewart. They met in 2006. Tara and Tony (dubbed TNT) were seen together back in May of 2006 at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, where they did the red carpet thing and sat together during the awards as well. A few months later, Tara was once again seen with Tony at Brownstown and Paducah Speedways. Tony finally admitted that he had a girlfriend in November 2006. He told NASCAR Raceday:

“I met a pretty special girl. I got lucky. I met a girl at Home Depot at their corporate offices that I’m pretty excited about. She has a very good way of keeping me grounded right now. I’ve finally found somebody that I think… I’ve kinda met my match so to speak.”

They split in 2007 but evidently got back together, as she was seen with him again in January 2008. Heh, check out some of the comments about Tara here.

See more photos of Tara Roquemore below.

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