Nancy Abruzzo: Richard Abruzzo’s Wife (Photos, Video)

December 6, 2010

Nancy Abruzzo is U.S Balloonist Richard Abruzzo’s wife. She was one of the strongest believers that her husband and his co-pilot would be found. Her love and strength helped hundreds overcome the sadness of his disappearance. Keep reading for our story about the life of Nancy, her marriage, family, battle to find her husband, and her great loss. Plus check out the photos and video after the jump.

Nancy Abruzzo

Nancy Abruzzo’s husband was a highly experienced hot air balloonist, along with Dr. Rymer he won several races, and was a three time Harmon Trophy recipient (2001, 2003, 2005). He was the son of Ben Abruzzo, former balloonist and founder of the Sandia Peak. He was also one of the two U.S balloonists lost at the Adriatic Sea on September 29, 2010 when they were competing at the Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race. His body was found on December 6th, 2010 by a fisherman just 12 miles from their last location. During the search it was his wife Nancy who kept strong, it was her name that called so many people’s attention. We are saddened by this terrible news. Follow us for a little insight into the life of this amazing woman, Nancy Abruzzo.

Nancy Sainz Abruzzo works in the real state business in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a well known broker at Santa Fe Land & Homes and also owner/ broker at her company Bear Creek Real Estate, Inc. She got married to her hubby in 1995, she is the proud mother of her beautiful daughter Mary Pat age 12 and Rico who is seven years old. They stayed in Albuquerque with the grandparents when their mommy was in Italy during the search for their father and his co-pilot was underway.

Nancy was a strong believer that they were okay, without a way of communication, but fine. This wasn’t the first time they have experienced difficulties, but somehow things had worked out in the past. Mrs. Abruzzo expressed her feelings towards the millions of prayers and kind words she and her children has been receiving. She was positive they would be found and would be taken back home, but urged authorizes and anyone who could help to make an extra effort since they were running out of time.

“We have an incredible effort being put forth in search for Richard and Carol so we are very optimistic, spirits are high and we have a lot of people eager to find them, so we will find them. Ballooning has so many variables, you can’t give up hope, there are so many things that could have happened. My vision is that they are somewhere in a remote area with no batteries, no form of communication and trying to get out.” said Nancy Abruzzo

“Based upon the last transmission, we believe they were adequately prepared for an emergency landing at sea. We acknowledge and appreciate all efforts in finding them. At this point, I am making a plea to all those involved in the Rescue to redouble efforts as time is running out!”

A statement in her name was released later.

From: Nancy Abruzzo

We have been able to determine many of the factors in Richard and Carol’s flight. The processing of all this information has raised new questions and the Italian Maritime Rescue Sub Centre (MRSC) in Bari aggressively continues the search using all available resources in the ongoing effort to find Richard and Carol.

We recognize that we are looking for a needle in a haystack but we cannot rest until we find something, anything.

At this point we have not found any physical evidence from the balloon, the gondola, equipment or personal effects.

Coast Guard officials agree that there are more questions that need to be answered, and will not rest until we know more.

Continue to pray!

When the search for her husband and copilot was suspended, Nancy flew back home to her children. She said that she needed them just as much as they needed her. A month after Nancy and other friends at home held a tribute in her husband’s honor. We saw her and her children just a week ago when they planted a tree at the Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon museum (open in her father-in-law’s memory who died in a plane crash on 1985) in her husband and father’s name.

Once again our prayers are with Nancy, the children, other family and friends throughout this difficult time. Would you like to send her a message? Check out the photos and video below.

Nancy Abruzzo 1

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Nancy Abruzzo Video
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