Alexis Roderick is Billy Joel’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

December 5, 2010

Meet Alexis Roderick, she is Billy Joel’s super beautiful girlfriend, and probably fourth wife. She is an actress and has been in a famous American soap opera and model. Keep reading to know more about her, her career, romance with Joel plus check out the photos and video below.

Alexis Roderick’s boyfriend is one the dearest and famous singer/composers who went into surgery to fix a congenital hip ailment on November 20th at a Long Island Hospital in New York and can you guess who was his personal 24/7 nurse? Well no other than his stunning 28 year old girlfriend Alexis.

Well it is no mystery that our dear Piano Man loves his women young, his third wife was just 29 years old now his current girlfriend is one year younger she is 28 years old and she is unbelievably a blond beauty.

We first heard of Alexis Roderick when the New York Post brought the news last July about these two love birds dating, we saw him with a beautiful brunette in September who turned out to be Deborah Dampiere, he was asked about his divorce and he said:

“I still think people want to go because it’s the beginning of the fall and it’s a thing to do but I think those days of La Belle Epoque are over.”

Reporters were interested in the opera of Mr. Joel’s personal life and inquired about the state of his divorce proceedings from Katie Lee Joel, right in front of his date. His publicist protested, but the singer answered.

“It’s a free country, she can ask whatever she wants. How are the divorce proceedings going? I don’t know. Ask my lawyer. For now, I’m enjoying dating this lovely lady,”

That was confusing was he and Roderick dating already or not?

Maybe some didn’t read right he was dating an Alex Donnelly, she was a former actress at the Young and the Restless, that relationship went down the drain probable cause? She was his appropriate age.

Now our girl Alexis was seen on October 30th kissing her famous boyfriend on a luxurious yacht, see them here. Then we saw another picture of them at motorcycle shop, 20th Century Cycles, in Oyster Bay Long Island, New York.

This is the blond beauty we are meaning to talk to you about, but unfortunately there is not much to tell about her as there is almost zero information about her, sure we will be hearing more about her from now on, that is after she gets off her role as a gorgeous nurse and can only be his utterly beautiful girlfriend. We are really glad he is recovering so fast and we are definitely very happy to see him so happily in love.

Share your comments about this story and about her with us and don’t miss the photos and video below.

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