Nick D’Arcy Is Bar Room Brawl Swimmer

March 29, 2008

Australian Olympic swimmer Nick D’Arcy was involved in a bar room brawl on Sunday, and now he could be in jeopardy of being kicked off the Australian Olympic swim team. See photos below.

***UPDATE 3/30*** – Nick D’Arcy has been arrested and charged with assault.

The fight occurred at a bar at Sydney’s King Street wharf at approximately 2:30 AM Australia time, and as a result, former Commonwealth Games champion Simon Cowley was injured with a broken nose. D’Arcy was just named to the Australian Olympic swim team hours before after having a record swim in the 200m Butterfly at the Australian Swimming Championships in Sydney on March 25th..

D’Arcy may lose his spot on the Australian Swim Team, as the Australian Olympic Committee has the power to remove athletes of the Beijing bound Olympic team due to “disreputable beahvior“.

Do you think Nick should be kicked off the Australian Swim Team?

More photos of Nick D’Arcy are below.

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