Most Popular Disney Characters: Who’s the Most Famous?

December 4, 2010

Can you imagine growing up without Mickey or Cinderella? But out of all of the most popular Disney characters, who is the most famous? Also who did you love and do kids like the most today? Keep reading below and we’ll take a look through all those loveable characters, with pictures and videos.

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As you read this I am sure a movie or something is popping into your head. And whether it is the biggest hit or not, who is your favorite?

The most popular Disney character overall would have to be Mickey Mouse. He is associated with all aspects of the company and is pretty much the face of the enterprise. The mouse was first introduced just over 82 years ago, even though the original idea was for a Lucky Rabbit! Check out the interesting full history here. He appeared in so many productions and Mickey merchandise is still a hot item!

The princesses are of course one of the other most loved inventions from the ingenious Walt. Almost every little girl grew up with dreams of being one of them like Cinderella or Snow White. You know it was such a hit when films like this are still coming out. ‘The Princess and the Frog’ with Princess Tiana is a very popular item these days. You also can’t ignore the amount of items related to this are sold and how many girls dress up like one of them at some point!

Those are probably the most iconic animations, but there are also some other pretty famous ones. Some other big names are Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, and Pinocchio. More recent ones include Lightning McQueen, Buzz Lightyear and Stitch. One other way to tell a cartoon’s success is when it is remade into a more modern version. We have seen that with ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and there may be more on the way.

It is so tough to fit in all the wonderful people and characters into this article, so I just gave you some of the most popular Disney characters. One of my favorites that I had to mention was Abu from Aladdin; he just cracks me up! What is your favorite, whether I mentioned it or not? Enjoy these pictures and this video, and then leave me your comments below!

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Photos: Nikolov, Jody Cortes, C.Smith, PNP, Apega, Dimitri Halkidis

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One Response to “Most Popular Disney Characters: Who’s the Most Famous?”

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    Susan Kurman Says:

    Of course I love Mickey, Minnie and the Princesses!! However, my favorite is Goofy!!
    I do not see him around that much, but I go bananas when I see him at Disney!! I saw him for my 50th birthday at one of Disney’s breakfasts, and every time I see him, I run up like a little kid and grab a picture with him.
    He even kissed my hand!! I sound like I am 6 years old.. but maybe if you act young, you will stay young!! ( I am hoping!!)