Vicki Santo: Ron Santo’s wife (photos, video)

December 3, 2010

Vicki Santo is Chicago Cubs amazing player Ron Santo’s wife, for years Vicki has been a constant support throughout his health problems and even after his death, she continues to be an important figure in the life of her family. Keep reading in our story to know more about the life of this terrific woman and don’t miss the photos and video below.

Vicki Santo’s husband was the 70 year old third baseman from Seattle, Washington. He started his MLB career with the Cubs in 1960, he remained a Cub for thirteen years before signing with the Withe Sox in 1973, after his retirement in 1974 he became a Cubs commentator. His health problems were present ever since he started playing with the Cubs where he kept his Diabetes type 1 (Juvenile diabetes) to himself, it wasn’t until 10 years later that he came public about his disease. After his retirement he and Vicki started to support several charities dedicated in the research, help and awareness of diabetes. Vicki Santo said goodbye to her beloved husband on December 2nd, when he lost his long battle with diabetes and bladder cancer. He went into a coma on December 1st and died the following day at age 70.

Vicki Santo is not just a spectacular woman, she remained her husband’s unconditional support throughout his career, diabetes and when he lost both his legs to diabetes complications, she always has been a loyal and biggest fan, best friend his souls mate. See Vicki’s picture here.

Together they had four beautiful children, two boys Ron Jr. and Jeff and two gorgeous girls Kelly and Linda, all four are all grown ups some of them are even married and children of their own, but like I always said in the heart of a mother her children will always be just that, her beloved little children. Vicki is now a beautiful way too young looking grandmother of Spencer and Samuel that bring laughter and joy in all of their family reunions, I am sure she already has more grandchildren, but we could only find about these two lovely boys, Do you know of any other grandchildren Vicki Santo has?

She remained by her husband’s side until the last second, his memory, love and kindness was something she kept in her heart, those same qualities were the ones Vicki has shown to the world and her family and why she is considered one of our dearest Sports Wives we admire and love so much, our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family throughout this difficult time.

Would you like to add any information about her? Would you like to send her your condolences? Check out the photos and video below.

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One Response to “Vicki Santo: Ron Santo’s wife (photos, video)”

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    lars siler Says:

    You were the best Ron. You were simply amazing, with all you accomplished on and off the field. And your pizza was pretty good too. Cooperstown will never have a true Hall of Fame, until your name is enshrined there. Your dedication and story will serve as an inspiration for all for generations to come. God bless your family, and best of luck to your huge extended Cub family. And thanx for coming over and gracing our side of town for your last season.
    Sox Fan